There are specific qualities separating top-earners in the door-to-door sales industry from the average reps. So, when building a door-to-door sales team, you’ll want to start with the best candidates possible. This post covers 3 qualities to look for when hiring door-to-door sales reps., door-to-door sales, door-to-door sales reps, recruiting door-to-door sales reps, building a door-to-door sales team, sales team, recruiting, how to build a door-to-door sales team,

Can the door-to-door sales rep handle rejection?

Being successful in door-to-door sales requires talking to a lot of people. While doing this, you’ll likely get more no’s than those who say yes. Because of this, successful door-to-door sales reps will need to have a high degree of mental toughness.

Does your potential new recruit have this mental toughness to succeed? If you think they will crack under the pressure of rejection, and not bring 100% to each door approach, it’s highly likely this type of sales rep will not be a solid contributor to your team.

If possible, you’ll want to find this out in advance when talking to potential new recruits for your door-to-door sales team. It’s better to find out up front if someone can or cannot handle this type of rejection and hire someone else, rather than spending hours of training on somebody who is likely to quit after the first few days.

This might require you to ask tough questions during the interview process, but it will be worth it in the long run. Building a door-to-door sales team full of reps who can’t handle rejection and that aren’t mentally tough will lead to a very poor performing group.

Are they committed to success in door-to-door sales?

Success in door-to-door sales requires getting through an initial learning curve, and many new sales reps experience their best months and income at the end of their selling season. As a recruiter, you’ll want to find out if the new potential recruit does in fact have the commitment mindset to make it through their learning curve.

Does the potential recruit have a background in demonstrating going through tough circumstances and coming out the other side better and stronger? Asking questions of this nature or looking for past work experience that could demonstrate this, should be a place to start while looking for good recruits.

A top door-to-door sales rep will have a short term sacrifice for a long term gain mindset. Find out if your potential recruit has this mindset and attitude before you hire them.

Does you new door-to-door sales rep have a high willingness to learn and grow?

Getting through the initial stages and learning curve in door-to-door sales can be tough, so finding a recruit that has a high willingness to learn and change and take constructive criticism is key.

Here at D2D Millionaire one training method we do is evaluations for our door-to-door sales reps. This is where we will record either video or audio of our sales reps on the doors so we can tweak and critique their interactions with potential customers to help them improve faster.

If the new door-to-door sales rep can’t handle the constructive criticism necessary for them to get through their learning curve, they probably won’t make it very far. They will end up being an average door-to-door sales rep rather than an extraordinary sales rep.

If you happen to be considering a new door-to-door sales opportunity you will certainly get the best training available as a part of the D2D Millionaire Team. Learn more about becoming a part of our team here!

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