Executive Team

Lenny Gray

Door-to-Door Legend

Door-to-Door Legend and author of Door-to-Door Millionaire, Lenny burst onto the scene as a door-to-door salesman in 1998 as the top rookie sales rep for Orkin Pest Control. Lenny’s sales experience transcends the doors as he has built sales programs for companies in various industries employing d2d, b2b and b2c sales strategies.

McKay Bodily

Finance & Strategic Planner

Finance & Strategic Planning, McKay's ability to model various business plans and understand complex financial systems has lead to the creation of many multi-million dollar businesses. McKay has consulted a wide spectrum of businesses in the insurance, consumer finance, service, retail and real estate industries.

Rob Greer

Sales & Operations Acumen

Sales & Operations Acumen, Rob's start into sales began in 2001 as he emerged as the top rep for Orkin Pest Control in New Mexico. Rob’s ability to tackle complex problems with creative solutions has enabled him to create new sales programs out of operational obstacles and revamp stale operations to support robust sales programs.

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