When you are marketing door to door in some sense you are putting yourself at a disadvantage in the fact that your potential customer is going to think you are just there to sell them something. Even though this is true, you also want to get them on your side and view you as a messenger of good news. One way to achieve this is by being likable.

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You are selling yourself while marketing door to door, not just your products

Let’s face it, when you first come to the door you are an uninvited guest trying to sell your products or service. In this regard, like in baseball, you already have two strikes against you, thus you need to intently focus on making the most of your interaction time with each potential customer.

Being likable is going to keep you in the game long enough to be able to build value for your products or services. In reality, people buy you just as much as they buy the products or services you are promoting.

One of our top sales reps consistently vows that more often than not, his customers buy from him because they like him, and that when he creates a great rapport, he gets more sales. In his words, he sells more accounts because people like him not because of the great discount, special offer, bandwagon effect, or even the service itself.

Sales is an emotional thing and more often than not, people will buy on emotion not on logic. Of course you want to have the logic and great product or service to back things up, but in most cases people will buy from someone with great energy and attitude over someone who isn’t likable.

Being likable is essential, so follow this two step method to build rapport quickly

A great formula you can follow while marketing door to door and make you more likable almost instantly, is to lead with a compliment and follow up with a question. Too many door-to-door sales reps just immediately jump into their sales pitch and don’t bother using an icebreaker or build any rapport with their potential customer first.

The compliment and question method can be a great form of an icebreaker, can start the conversation flowing, and help you establish yourself as not just another sales person trying to sell them something. It could sound something like this, “Your landscaping in your yard is so beautiful, do you do it yourself or did you have someone design it?”

If you want to be a top sales rep you want to make sure to be observant to your surroundings and come up with an icebreaker that compliments your prospect and is genuine. It’s OK to have a few general icebreakers to choose from when you are just getting starting selling door to door, but if you can customize it for each potential customer and follow the compliment then question formula you will get much better results.

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