Are you being teachable?

June 08, 2016

One of the main things separating successful sales reps from the unsuccessful is that successful sales reps are teachable.

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Are you being teachable?

A question you should ask yourself is am I being teachable? There are a lot of people who are already succeeding at a high level in your company and these are the people you should look to for advice. A mistake that a lot of sales reps make is they try and figure everything out on their own through trial and error versus being teachable and asking questions. How fast do you want your learning curve to be? Anybody getting into something new will have a learning curve they will need to go through before they are successful, and if you aren’t being teachable your learning curve will be a much longer process. Take door-to-door sales for example, you can look to leaders and mentors in the industry and learn from them and copy their proven strategies for faster results. Take Lenny Gray for example, he literally wrote the book on door-to-door sales (Door-to-Door Millionaire), he has been very successful in the industry and knows what works and what doesn’t work. So if you are being teachable, how much are you listening and learning from people who have the success and results that you want? Have you read Door-to-Door Millionaire yet?

Take a pro-active approach to being teachable

In every company there is going to be a top sales person. Have you every approached these top reps and asked what they are doing to be successful? Do you know how they approach a prospect? Do you know how they close? Do you know what kinds of ice breakers they start conversations with? If you answered no to any or all of these questions, you probably aren’t being teachable and using your resources. Being teachable is the fast track to big results in sales. If you find someone that has what you want you can do what they do and get similar results. Suppose you are in door-to-door sales just for the summer. This concept of being teachable is even more applicable. Take a few minutes each day to learn what is working for other reps in your office and your sales manager. You can also get a ton of information from resources like Door-to-Door Millionaire. These types of resources could make a dramatic difference in the amount of money you make this summer doing door-to-door sales. A daily focus of improving your skills and learning what the experts do and say and then matching and modeling them can help you take your success to the next level.

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