It’s important to follow a similar overall structure of your sales process while selling door to door, but you don’t want to become a sales robot in the process.

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Initial greeting problems as a sales robot

We’ve addressed having an effective initial greeting and icebreaker while you are marketing door to door, but the key is to personalize it for each potential customer. The last thing people want to feel like is that you are just reading them a canned script as you are going through your sales pitch.

This can happen when you get stuck in a routine and become a sales robot as you are selling door to door. It’s important to follow a general outline in your sales process and go through the correct steps, but it ideally shouldn’t be 100% scripted.

As you are learning, it’s not a bad idea to have a few icebreakers you can choose from if you can’t think of anything else to say, but in most cases you should try and have something that is unique to each potential customer.

The more you can customize your initial greeting and icebreaker for each prospect, the more rapport it will build with them and the faster it will do it. People like doing business with people who make them feel special and unique and having a custom icebreaker and greeting can help you create that feeling.

If you are struggling with making sales, being a sales robot isn’t going to help

Humans are creatures of habit and this can unfortunately lower your results when your habits aren’t creating the desired outcome. As the old saying goes, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

This happens a lot with sales reps who aren’t making sales. It’s likely they have become a sales robot and are repeating the same phrases and language throughout their sales process, even if it’s things that aren’t working.

Reps will oftentimes play the blame game and say things like it’s the neighborhood that’s bad, or no one in this city seems to want to buy our products, and on and on. The reality is that these struggling sales reps are actually just falling into the sales robot trap and have made a habit of a poor sales pitch and value build.

How to fix your sales robot problem while selling door to door

One way to break this insanity pattern is to replay your last sales attempt between each door. As you walk to the next potential customer’s home, it is a good habit to get into of seeing what went well and what needed to be changed or improved.

You can get through your learning curve rather quick if you focus on improving and getting better with each potential customer contact. Unfortunately, a lot of sales reps don’t do this and continue making the same mistakes and use the same ineffective sales pitch over and over again.

When you focus on what went well and what needs to be improved, you can find out what works and what doesn’t rather quickly.

Another game you can play with yourself is to try and have a different initial greeting and icebreaker with every door. This can be difficult, but when you try and be different at each door you will start to improve on your conversation skills and it will help you come across as genuine and not a robot at each door.

The ultimate goal while selling door to door is to come off as a messenger of good news and not as a pushy sales person. Keeping your initial approaches fresh and unique will help position yourself that way.

Address a common concern to switch things up

Another effective way to keep your initial greetings new with each potential customer is to bring up a common concern in your greeting. No matter what you sell you will have a few common concerns that you will hear on a regular basis.

Not only will bringing one of these concerns up in your initial approach help you avoid getting that concern later in the sales process, it can also be an easy way to make your initial approach different with each potential customer.

For example if you market pest control, a few common concerns or objections could be things like, I do my own pest control, I’m not seeing pests, I don’t need pest control in the winter, I already have a pest control service, etc.

In this example you have at least four different options to choose from and interchange with each potential customer. Doing this can lead to unique conversations with each prospect and will avoid you getting in the habit of being a sales robot.

It might take a bit more effort on the front end to change your approach each time, but overall you will get much better results and make more sales if you aren’t a sales robot while you are selling door to door.

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