The Door-to-Door Millionaire Series is a compilation of sales tactics,techniques, and tips, developed and practiced by renowned door-to-door sales legend, Lenny Gray who has generated millions of dollars selling products and services door to door for over 2 decades.

The techniques taught in these books, if used properly, will make decent sales reps good, and good sales reps great!

Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale, is THE foundational book for anybody looking to increase their communication skills, become better at the art of persuasion, and improve their overall salesmanship.

Learn how to make customers want what you are selling, techniques for overcoming the three deadly sins of sales, developing a dynamic initial approach, how to know if somebody is genuinely interested in what you are selling, and what it takes to be great on the doors.

MORE Door-to-Door Millionaire: Next-Level Training, builds on the first book by taking door-to-door sales training to an entirely new level! This book teaches high-level sales techniques, that if followed, are sure to increase sales production.

Learn how to be more time-efficient on the doors, the best practices for beating competition, tactical knocking strategies, how to determine what door-to-door company to sell for, if starting your own door-to-door sales company makes sense, and what the future holds for door-to-door sales.

This series is the first of its kind to specifically teach door-to-door sales techniques, these resources utilize established methods that can work even in the most hostile sales environments and can benefit readers in any industry. Exceptionally useful and applicable toward a diverse range of scenarios, these resources will help readers everywhere maximize their potential.