Do you know what you should say when you encounter a “do it yourself” prospect in pest control sales?

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How you should approach a prospect with the “do it yourself” mindset in pest control sales

The first thing you should do with this kind of prospect in pest control sales is applaud them for understanding the need for pest control service. This should be something simple and succinct and nothing too over the top. Some sales reps make the mistake of spending way too much time on this step and it gives your prospect the wrong idea. If you spend too much time on this they may start to think why would they even need your service if they are doing such a great job already doing it on their own. Make it quick and basically just acknowledge their efforts as a step in the right direction.

The next step for a “do it yourself” prospect in pest control sales

After you have acknowledged your prospects efforts you should encourage them to keep doing what they are doing as well as ask them the question of what kind of pests they are treating for? Another approach to this could be to make an assumptive statement in regards to what other pest activity you have been seeing in the neighborhood. For example it could sound something like, “Are you treating more for the spiders and ants or wasps out here like your neighbors?”

They could agree with you if you have guessed correctly, if not they would likely tell you what they are treating for. With this approach you have also planted the seed of there being other possible pest issues they might not have noticed and may need you to take care of. An important point here is to express your pest control service as a supplemental service to what they are already doing.

You never want to directly attack the “do it yourself” prospects in pest control sales, if you do you will make them feel like they are wasting their money and time on everything they have been doing and it puts them on the defensive. If they are on the defensive they will want to justify their actions and your likelihood of making the sale will drop drastically. Pitching your pest control service to them as a supplemental benefit to what they already are doing can help eliminate this defensive feeling.

Complement similarities but stress the differences between your pest control services and those with the DIY mindset

Another step you should be doing when approaching a “do it yourself” prospect is to complement the similarities to what they are doing and what your pest control service provides, and then emphasize the differences your company can provide that they can’t do on their own. One area you can speak on differences is telling your prospect that you can switch treatments with different products versus relying on what they can get over-the-counter at the store. Also being that you are a licensed pest control service, you have the ability to use products that do require licences, which would not be something they would have access to.

You can also talk about the durability and residual aspects to your products. Most pest control products you buy over-the-counter don’t work as well as products your company can use. Many over-the-counter products break down in rain and heat more readily than products licensed pest applicators can get access to. When your prospect knows that your products can have more of a resistance to rain, last longer, and have residual results, they are more likely to get started with your service. Another common thing that most pest control companies have is a service guarantee. Service guarantees vary from company to company, but that is one thing you can offer that isn’t available to somebody buying pest control products in the store.

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