Asking for the age of the home can help you customize your sales pitch and increase your sales while selling door to door.

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A great conversational close for selling door to door

The reason asking for the age of the home is so important is that you can gather a lot of information quickly and determine a variety of ways to present your value build that will have a higher probability of resulting in a sale.

When you know the age of your potential customer’s home you will have a better insight on the likely buying patterns of that customer. This is especially important when your product or service directly makes improvements to the home.

Depending on how old the potential customers home is you can choose between a variety of ways to position your products or services.

The ranges you could put age of homes into are as follows.

  • New Home: 0-5 years old
  • Aged Home: 6-15 years old
  • Old Home 16 + years old

How to position your products or service while marketing door to door to an owner of a new home

Owners of new homes might not think they would immediately need your product or service so it is important to position your products by explaining what will happen as the home ages.

For example a new home owner might not be seeing an immediate need to get their house cleaned, but over time their house will obviously need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

Talking about preventative measures is a good way to position your reasoning for talking to potential customers about getting your services. You may say something like, “I certainly understand your house is probably really clean right now, but of course as you and your family continue living in it, there will be messes and cleaning that is inevitable.”

If you are selling security systems, you could talk about how new homes usually have a higher chance of being a target for thieves since many new home owners don’t think they need a security system or have other new items in them such as electronics, furniture, etc. This actually causes new homes to be perfect for thieves capitalizing on that belief of many new home owners and it’s even more important to get your security system installed now before it’s too late.

How to approach a homeowner in an aged home

When you are dealing with a potential customer in the aged home range, it is important to find out more about the history of the home. This could include how many home owners, preferences of previous home owners, past services previous home owners had, etc.

For example, if you were selling a pest control service you could find out if the potential customer knows if the past owner had a service in place.

If they didn’t, you can position your services in a way that talks about how if the previous owner didn’t value pest control, a lot of pests could have been building up over the years. This could cause future pest issues that may have been missed if they simply covered up any issues like removing spider webs, wasp nests, etc., just before the new owners moved in. You could also emphasize the need to set up a service now before any costly issues occur.

You can also talk about the previous homeowner’s standards not being up to par with the current owner. For example, if you promote a window cleaning service, you could talk about how the previous owner may have never had their windows cleaned professionally and how a professional cleaning is much better. And, with the limited discount you are offering, now would be the best time to get started.

What you should do while selling door to door with owners of older homes

Selling to people in older homes is a similar approach to aged homes and your first step should be to find out more information about how long they have been in the home. If the person hasn’t been in the home many years you can follow the approach similar to aged homes, if they have been in their home for 16+ years your approach will change.

If the potential customer has lived in the home for a number of years you should assume they have either had a service similar to yours in the past or at least considered getting it in the past.

Instead of treating the potential customer like they know nothing about how a home ages, or how your product works, make the assumption that they are the experts. You can make assumptive statements with such as, “I’m sure you already know that as your home ages it settles and can create various entry points for pests to get in and have probably either used a pest control service in the past or at least thought about using one. What company did you end up going with or have looked into before?”

Making an assumptive statement like this can either confirm your thoughts, or flush out some unexpressed concerns for your products or services. Knowing what you are dealing with will always make it easier for you to either make a sale or at least determine if your potential customer qualifies for your time.

Another way to position what you’re selling to older home owners is to focus on upgrades or repairs. As homes age they often will need things repaired or upgraded to prevent more costly expenditures.

For example, if you sold roofing you could talk about how upgrading your roof now, could prevent future leaks and water damage repair or other issues before they happen, saving a lot of money and future hassle.

Determining the age of the home of your potential customer and how long they have lived there can really go a long way to help position your products or services better and increase your sales along the way.

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