Most companies market their pest control service in the summer months, when pests are at the peak of activity, however if done correctly, you can market your pest control service effectively all year.

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Do you explain seasonal migration habits of pests when you market your pest control service?

Pest control tends to be an “out of sight, out of mind” kind of thing for most people, however you don’t have to market it that way. The reason most people don’t have pest control on their mind more often, and why they aren’t thinking of buying your service year round, is because they aren’t properly educated.

If your potential customers aren’t seeing bugs around their home, they usually aren’t going to think that they should hire a pest control service. For the most part that is because they don’t know what pests do as the seasons change.

A great thing to talk about when you are selling pest control is how pests tend to move into people’s homes when seasons and temperatures change. In the fall for example a lot of pests will tend to move from the outside into the home to escape the approaching cold in order to survive the winter months.

Spring is another time that pests start to emerge as temperatures heat up. As temperatures warm up, pests are more active to come and go as they please from inside to outside and vice versa.

If you have food and water sources available for pests during the spring and summer they are just as likely to try and enter your home. Rain is another factor for pests and when it rains during spring and summer, they will try and get into homes to seek shelter. When your potential customers understand how seasons influence the need for pest control they will more likely want a service throughout the year.

Are you explaining pest life cycles when you are selling pest control?

Another reason people aren’t keeping your pest control service during the winter months is that they don’t understand how pest life cycles work. Most people think that pests all die off during the winter months and there is no need for a service.

However, if your customers understand the life cycles of pests they would be more interested in having a pest control service all year. For example, many pests that get into homes during the fall months set up shop and start to nest and go into hibernation during the winter.

Your customers might have a lot of pests in their home and not even know it because the pests are dormant. If they knew that as spring approached, all of the pests that did get in their home and that were left unchecked over the winter were going to start coming out, they might think twice about having a winter service.

When pests are left unchecked over the winter they continue to breed and multiply, however if you can wipe them out during this time you won’t have to deal with an infestation when spring arrives. Some pests can even go dormant in the later fall months, but then start to emerge as you turn on the heat during the winter. The constant rise in temperature can make some pests think that it’s now spring and the eggs they have laid start to hatch and spread across your home.

The more educated your customers are, the more likely they will stick with your service all year, even if it is just for maintenance purposes. This can lead to a steady stream of revenue from your customer base, as well as keep your contracts solid through the winter months.

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