Door-to-door sales is hard! You face rejection, discouragement and long hours, but it can be worth it, if you have the mental toughness to succeed.

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Stay on the line while you are selling door to door

There is a formula for success in door-to-door sales and the more you can stay focused on that regardless of what’s going on around you, the faster you will get results. Mental toughness is crucial if you want to stay focused and not get off track while you are marketing door to door.

You only have one chance at a first impression and sometimes it can be hard to stay energized at each door. The key is to be positive and upbeat with each new prospect. You might have had a no, negative encounter, or angry prospect, but it’s your job to stay mentally tough and treat each new potential customer like you haven’t heard a no all day.

Of course putting in all the required hours to reach enough people is crucial for success in door-to-door sales, but if you aren’t mentally in it, it won’t matter how long or hard you work. For example, you might spend 10 hours a day on the doors, but if you are only mentally there and on point for 5 hours a day, do the other hours even really count?

You need to be on point and mentally checked in while marketing door to door

Some jobs you can just show up and go through the motions and it doesn’t really matter how well you perform because the paycheck is the same. Unfortunately in sales that isn’t the case. You need to be mentally focused and on your game with each potential customer or your results will suffer.

Door-to-door sales can be draining and you will face a lot of rejection, but one thing to keep in mind is that you can’t take rejection personally. When you get a no, it’s the potential customer saying no to your products or service, not to you personally.

Understand that you can’t sell everyone, and that sales is a numbers game. The key is to stay mentally focused while going through the numbers so you can get better results from the conversations you have.

Different sales reps have different strategies for staying on point. You could try exercising each day before going on the doors. Working out your frustrations through physical exertion can be an effective method to relieve stress and stay upbeat on each door.

Sales reps have jogged or ran between doors to stay focused. Others go to the gym every morning to blow off steam, and some read every night before bed to take their minds off the doors.

Each person will have their own style of stress relief and dealing with frustration on the doors and the daily grind of working, but it’s important to have something to focus on rather than just the door-to-door experiences.

Overall, mental toughness is a crucial skill to develop if you want to have long term success while marketing door to door. Stay focused regardless of the ups and downs that might be going on around you and your results will skyrocket.

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