Some door-to-door sales reps think the highest producing sales reps just get lucky, instead of realizing it’s their attitude towards potential customers that helps them make more sales.

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Luck is a small factor for results, your mindset going into the sale plays a bigger role in success at selling door to door

One thing that really separates successful door-to-door sales reps from those that aren’t as successful is being able to assume the sale. Sure there are some factors that can play a role in making the sale such as the kind of neighborhood you are knocking in, income levels, time of day you are knocking etc., but these reasons factor much less into success than you might think.

Following proven sales techniques such as assuming the sale are much more likely to yield sales than luck. For example, all too often door-to-door sales reps get into a pre-judgement mode before they even speak to a potential customer, and they deem certain areas or types of people as non-buyers.

None of us are psychic and we won’t know if someone will or won’t buy until we talk to them. There isn’t a perfect model for what your customer will look like. In door-to-door sales there’s no such thing as a preferred age, race, income, type of home, or part of town that magically determines whether or not they will become a customer.

If you are prejudging you are simply looking for reasons to justify your lack of success, rather than taking personal responsibility and taking the actions necessary to succeed.  If there were some magic bullet and perfect customer that always bought, don’t you think the secret would be out by now?

The true secret is to assume the sale, have a good attitude about everyone, and just follow the proven steps for success in door-to-door sales, and the numbers will work themselves out.

Don’t pigeon-hole your territories if you want to be a top door-to-door sales rep

Another common mistake that goes along with prejudging potential customers is pigeon-holing a sales territory. This means that you are prejudging neighborhoods without even talking to the homeowners.

A common reason why sales reps aren’t realizing their full potential is that they aren’t even talking to everyone in their given territory. Sometimes we’ll hear of sales teams talking about saturating a market and that everyone has been talked to and there just aren’t any more sales possible.

Take a typical market of around a million people, and let’s say this would give you around half a million potential homes to reach out to. In reality, to knock on every single door in that market it would take a team of sales reps knocking roughly 100 doors a day for several months to reach each potential customer.

It just wouldn’t be possible with the right skill sets and attitude to knock on nearly 500,000 homes and not make sales. Sure you may have areas that slightly under perform, but at the same time you’ll have other parts of town that will over perform.

This is why it’s so important not to pigeon-hole and focus on talking to everyone with the right attitude and sales process. This is especially true when you are properly name dropping and focusing on targeting homes near existing customers your sales will increase.

The more customers you start to get near each other the likelihood of a sale increases even more, sometimes you can often circle back to people who said “no” initially once a few neighbors are on board and turn it into a yes.

Pigeon-holing will almost always nullify this bandwagon effect because you are picking and choosing who you think will buy, rather than just following the proven strategies for making sales door to door.

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