Success in door-to-door sales will require you to talk to a lot of people, but are you tracking your numbers? If you aren’t it could be one reason why you aren’t making as many sales as you could.

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What gets measured gets done

You are going to need to be consistent everyday when you are selling door to door if you want results. Unfortunately many sales reps that are struggling, are doing so because they only think they are being consistent, when in reality they aren’t.

You won’t know how you are doing unless you track what you are doing. At the same time, when you track and measure your numbers you will really start to see patterns and can determine what you are doing that’s working and what you are doing that isn’t.

For example, a lot of door-to-door sales reps think they have a strong work ethic, but when it comes down to the numbers and their real activity, it tells a different story. Just because you think you hustle, doesn’t mean you actually are.

When you keep a journal or a log of who you are talking to, how many doors you knock, and how many sales you are actually making, it can start to paint a much more accurate picture of what your day looks like.

Your daily habits create your success in door-to-door sale

Your habits will make you, or break you especially in door-to-door sales. Unfortunately, many door-to-door sales reps set themselves up for failure before they even start, by developing bad habits.

For example, are you taking an extra long lunch break? Do you skip over homes you don’t think will buy and pigeon hole your sales territory? Are you talking to enough people every day?

It may not seem like a lot, but the little choices you do every day while selling door to door start to add up.

What are some good habits to get into while you are selling door to door?

For starters, you want to know what are your top income producing activities. In door-to-door sales your main focus should be on talking to more people. When you know your numbers and track what you are doing every day it can help flush out areas of improvement for yourself.

One habit to focus on that can help keep you on target is making sure you are talking to 7-10 people every hour. Not everyone of these people will buy from you, but when you talk to enough people you will start to make sales.

Another way to stay on track and reach the 7-10 people an hour is to follow the 3 door rule. This means that if you haven’t talked to someone in the past 3 doors you knocked, you must make sure that the 4th door you knock has someone who answers.

You can accomplish this by paying attention to things like cars in the driveway, people doing yard work, open garage doors, or whatever it takes to confirm that someone is currently home and you can talk to them.

When you follow these guidelines and track your numbers it will help you be more consistent and that will result in more sales.

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