Success in door-to-door sales has a lot to do with asking the right questions. A mistake sales reps commonly make is they don’t ask open ended questions.

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You need to get your potential customer engaged with you when you are selling door to door

When you are talking to your potential customers on the doors the best thing you can do is keep the conversation flowing naturally. Unfortunately, a lot of sales reps make the mistake of asking close ended questions.

A common type of question that sales reps ask that usually has the opposite effect of what they want is when they use yes/no questions. This can be used effectively to get attention or flush out concerns, but when used poorly it can be answered in a way that is not in favor of the sales rep.

It’s best to avoid these types of questions in general, but if you do use them, use them sparingly. For example, let’s say you are marketing a high speed internet service.

A yes/no question that could backfire would be something like, “Are you experiencing slower speeds, long buffering times, and constantly having your internet cut out on you with your current service?” This certainly seems like if you got a yes to this question you would be ready to close the sale, but if you get a no in this situation it almost always would kill the conversation and sale.

You are much better off asking open ended questions that could lead your potential customer into buying what you have to offer.

Open ended questions are a crucial part of having a successful sales process in door-to-door sales

Opposite of close ended questions are open ended questions. These types of questions will engage your potential customer. All too often when you are selling door to door, many of your prospects will have their guards up. Thus, it’s your job as a good sales rep to build rapport quickly and ask engaging questions to have your prospect lower their guard and hear out your sales pitch for what it really is. You give yourself a chance to make a sale with open ended questions.

Open ended questions let you find out what the prospects possible needs. Let’s say you sold pest control, an effective open ended question could be something like, “What kind of pest activity do you usually notice throughout the summer?” or “Do you usually see more pest activity inside your home or outside in the yard?”

Using open ended questions gives you more information on how to position your offer so that it is more in line with what your potential customer needs and wants, rather than just throwing out your pitch and hoping they buy. It gives you more opportunities to customize your value build to cater specifically to what your potential customer would be more interested in buying.

Assumptive questions is another great option to use with open ended questions

Assumptive questions are focused on positioning your question in a way that will get a response that will lead your potential customer to buying from you.

For example, let’s say that you installed security systems, you could ask a question such as, “Do you want your system installed today, or tomorrow?”, or “Did you want to get started with just the basic security package plan, or the deluxe service package?”

A very effective version of this is using what is called an alternative close, where you give your potential customer two options to choose from, but no matter what option they pick it leads to them moving forward in the sales process.

This format will keep the conversation moving forward instead of stopping it dead in it’s tracks like most yes/no questions can. Ineffective questions can lead to missed sales, so make sure you are asking the right questions that engage your prospects and it will help you increase your sales.

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