An effective icebreaker and initial approach are essential for making sales, and talking about someone’s kids or pets is one way to achieve both while you are selling door to door.

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How to determine if your potential customer has pets or kids

If you are looking for the quickest way into your potential customer’s heart, look no further than their kids or pets. By bringing up either of these you can quickly build rapport with your potential customers and this will help you get your message across while you are selling door to door.

Determining if your potential customer has kids or pets shouldn’t be too hard, when you know what to look for. You follow the same approach you normally should by being observant to things around your potential customer’s home to create a more unique and personal icebreaker.

In the case of pets or kids, look for things like kids toys in the home, yard, or garage, car seats in cars in the driveway, pet dishes outside, leashes in the yard, or even pet feces in the yard. Another dead giveaway is barking dogs as you approach the home or when you knock on the door.

From this point you can bring up their kids or pets in conversation naturally in your initial approach. It might sound something like, “I couldn’t help but notice your dog bowls out on your patio. What kind of dog do you have?”

Once you know a potential customer has kids or pets, you need to customize your value build to them

How you position your products and services will go a long way to making the sale while you are marketing door to door. You want to position your products or services in the best light by talking specifically about how what you are selling benefits families with kids and pets.

For example, you may say something like, “Families really love having a security system knowing they will be safe in the event of a potential break in. It’s also comforting to know all the family mementos can be protected even while the family is away.”

The key thing to focus on is how your products or services cater to their specific needs of having kids or pets. The more you customize not only your initial approach, but your entire sales process the better results you will get.

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