Having the right outlines and scripts are certainly important while selling door to door, but does how you say it really matter?

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Does volume matter in door-to-door sales?

One area that can have an effect on your results is your volume level when talking to potential customers. There is a sweet spot when it comes to your speaking volume.

The ideal volume is 7 out of 10 when selling door to door. This will be loud enough to show confidence, but it won’t be so loud that you come off as a stereotypical salesperson.

Talking too softly comes across as lacking confidence and conviction. When you are too quiet it can seem to your potential customers that what you have to offer must not be very good.

If you aren’t confident and excited about what you are selling, your potential customer certainly won’t be either. Talking in a monotone or soft voice, gives the impression that you aren’t interested in what you have to offer, even if that’s not true. It can also seem that any discounts you are offering aren’t that great either.

Having volume fluctuation can also help your potential customers stay engaged with your conversation. If your potential customer isn’t paying attention throughout the sales process they are likely to miss key things that could shift them from a non-buyer to a buyer.

Are you a fast talker? It could damage your results in door-to-door sales

Fast talking salespeople are likely to come across as the stereotypical, high-pressure salesperson. Your goal should be to avoid activating that thought process with your potential customers. Ideally you want to come off as a messenger of good news rather than as a pushy salesperson, and how fast you talk has a lot to do with what the potential customer thinks of you.

Typically when you talk too fast it throws up red flags for your potential customer. One problem with talking too fast is that it gives the impression that you are nervous and lack confidence in what you are selling.

This is a surefire way to have your potential customers tune out what you are saying. If your potential customer isn’t paying attention to what you are saying, the chances of making a sale go way down.

On top of that, when you talk too fast you eliminate the benefits of using silence to your advantage. In many cases, giving your potential customer time to process what you are saying, can create a better level of understanding of what you have to offer.

In addition to that, you’ll want to use silence to your advantage after asking a closing question. When you are asking the questions, you are in control, so be sure to give your potential customers time to answer whenever you ask a question.

When you don’t take the time to listen to your potential customer and find out their concerns, needs, and wants, it will make selling your products or services more difficult.


The pitch and tone of your voice can influence the sale

Another major factor to pay attention to when it comes to how you say it while selling door to door, is your pitch and tone. Having the wrong pitch and tone can make or break the sale.

Your pitch and tone determine what kind of emotions and feelings are behind what you are saying. It can determine whether your potential customer thinks you are confident and believe in what you are selling.

Most people want to buy from people who are confident and they can trust. With the proper pitch and tonality, you can establish credibility with your potential customers because they sense your confidence in what you are selling.

Another factor the proper pitch and tone can create is a feeling of dependability both in you as the salesperson and the company you represent. At first, your potential customer is more likely to be bought into you as a salesperson than they are in what you are offering. Paying attention to pitch and tone will help to increase your dependability.

Mastering what to say when it comes to selling door to door is essential, but its equally important to understand how to say what you say. Both go hand in hand if you want to become a top sales rep.

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