It’s not a good idea to annoy your potential customer during your sales pitch, and using too many filler words can do just that.

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What are filler words and why are they bad in a door-to-door sales pitch?

As the old saying goes, you only have one chance at a first impression, and that is definitely the case with your door-to-door sales pitch. I’m sure you have heard the high school kid who says “like” every other word. It can be so annoying that you completely zone out everything else they say except the work “like.”

The same thing can happen during your door-to-door sales pitch. Hopefully you aren’t saying “like” every other word, but you may have other filler words  you might not notice. Things like, “but”, “umm”, “you know”, “well”, etc.

Beyond being annoying to your prospects, excessive use of filler words can have some other negative consequences when you are selling door-to-door. Excessive filler word use shows a lack of confidence and uncertainty in what you are saying. Whether it’s true or not, it makes it seem like you don’t know what you are presenting and if what you are saying is really what your company can provide. If your potential customer doesn’t have confidence in you they won’t buy your products or service.

How to Eliminate filler words in your sales pitch

Eliminating filler words you frequently use can be done a couple of ways. The first step is being aware that you actually are using certain filler words in excess. A service that D2D Millionaire provides to their team members is an evaluation program. With these evaluations we actually record sales reps live on the doors with prospects to fully analyze what is being said and what can be improved upon.

With these evaluations sales reps are able to hear themselves and find out if they are using excessive filler words. Once you are consciously aware of using filler words you will be able to notice it and correct it. If you keep going along on your own it will be hard to realize you are doing it and you will throw away a lot of sales. Eliminating excess filler words in your door-to-door sales pitch should be a focus for you if you want to become a top sales rep in your company.

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