Have you just started your door-to-door sales career? Is it going as well as you had hoped, or do you feel it could be going better? If you are in the latter, you aren’t alone, everyone has a learning curve with selling door to door, but how fast should you expect to see success selling door to door?

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The first thing to master while selling door to door is your initial approach

You have one chance at a first impression and this is what makes your initial approach one of the most important aspects of selling door to door. You’ll have a lot of practice with this one, and many opportunities to fine tune this with your potential customers.

As a sales rep you should start to get a good feel about how to do an effective initial greeting after one to two weeks on the doors. This will also give you some good practice on learning what kinds of concerns and objections your potential customers are most likely to have.

During this time also focus on improving your skills at handling common concerns from your potential customers. It’s essential to focus on improving daily in these skills and ideally focusing on getting better after each door, but if you aren’t a rock star sales rep right out of the gates it’s not the end of the world.

Focus on getting better all the time and developing the skills and you can succeed

Just because you aren’t experiencing immediate success in your first few weeks, doesn’t mean that you can’t become a successful door-to-door sales rep. Selling door to door is a skill-set you can learn just like any other skill you want to learn.

Everyone will come into door-to-door sales at a different level of skills and confidence. This doesn’t mean if you are lacking effective communication and sales skills that you can’t be successful, it just means it might take a bit longer to learn them.

Use the first few weeks as a gauge of how you are doing, but don’t play the comparison game with other door-to-door sales reps. The person you should be comparing yourself to is your past self. Focus on getting better and improving your skills and getting through your learning curve as quickly as possible.

Don’t let your initial results deter you from your long-term success you can create marketing door to door, because you quit too soon. Many sales reps who started working with the D2D Millionaire team started off with minimal results but after getting past their initial learning curve became some of our top sales reps.

A sure way to frustration while selling door to door is comparing yourself to other sales reps

As a door-to-door sales rep you will have your own unique skills and abilities that you come to the table with. Sometimes this means you are going to be working with other sales reps who might start off with more “natural talent.”

The last thing you should be focused on is how well others are doing in your sales office. Instead you should be focused on improving your own skills. Hard work out works talent, when talent doesn’t work hard.

You might not be the best door-to-door sales rep when you first get started, but that doesn’t mean you can’t become the best. All too often struggling door-to-door sales reps will play the comparison game with others that are doing better than them.

Unfortunately, when this happens you will probably end up comparing the beginning of your door-to-door sales journey to someone else’s middle or even end. Comparing yourself to others will only lead to frustration, so instead just compare yourself to how well you did yesterday, or even how well you did at the last door.

Constant improvement of working on your skills and getting better with each potential customer consistently over time can lead to some great results. Stay consistent and focused and stop worrying about how others are doing and you can set yourself up for success at selling door to door.

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