Door-to-door sales reps understand that not everybody is going to buy what they are selling, but there are certainly more effective ways than others on how to effectively get rid of a door-to-door sales reps without being disrespectful or rude.

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Don’t go into hiding from door-to-door sales reps…they know you’re there

Most door-to-door sales reps keep detailed information of what houses they were able to contact the homeowners. Thus, if you weren’t home the first time, or decided to hide for some reason, there’s a very good chance the sales rep is going to come back.

It’s pretty obvious you’re home when there are several signs of life going on in your home. As a door-to-door sales rep it can be incredibly frustrating when you know there are people home and you can even hear them drop everything to try and be quiet at an attempt to make it appear they aren’t home.

Remember, door-to-door sales reps can handle rejection. Their job is simply to inform you of what is going on and collect a decision. Sales reps should not be feared, in fact, if they are doing their job correctly, you’ll get great value from what they are selling.

No need to be scared…door-to-door sales reps don’t bite.

You don’t have to lie to get out of buying or going through a sales presentation

In door-to-door sales, time is money. The last thing a door-to-door sales rep wants to do is waste time with someone who isn’t interested or open to what they are offering. Trying to convince someone who doesn’t qualify for what a door-to-door sales rep is offering is one of the biggest time wasters in the industry and no one wins.

When you are selling door to door you are trained to handle rejection and most door-to-door sales reps won’t take it personally if you don’t buy. In fact, most door-to-door sales reps will actually prefer a quick ‘no’ to a drawn out ‘maybe,’ when in reality you weren’t interested, but you just felt bad saying ‘no.’

Sales reps won’t feel bad if you say ‘no,’ so you shouldn’t either. When you try and make up excuses that aren’t valid as a polite way of trying to say you aren’t interested, a door-to-door sales rep will keeping trying to resolve your concerns, which in turn will waste time for both of you.

It’s okay to say ‘no,’ but don’t lie or make up concerns as to why you aren’t buying that aren’t real. Keep in mind that door-to-door sales reps are trained to recognize verbal and non-verbal ques that indicate whether you are telling the truth, so if you are, they probably know and will continue to try and help you see the value in their products or services.

Don’t use your kids to lie for you either. Small children should not be told by parents to tell the person at the door, “My mom and dad aren’t home.” It’s hard to believe someone would teach their young children to answer the doors for strangers when they are home alone and certainly not a good example as a parent to tell your children to lie for you.

Treat door-to-door sales reps with respect and they will gladly leave

Door-to-door sales is a tough job involving constant rejection and occasional rude encounters. It doesn’t have to be that way though. Treating someone who is selling door to door with respect and politely expressing no interest is a quick and simple way to get rid of them.

You could say something like, “Thanks for stopping by, but at this point I’m not looking to buy anything from you today. I appreciate how hard you are working, but at this time I’m not interested. I’d be happy to take a card or your number if things happen to change for me and then we can contact you.”

A professional door-to-door sales rep will gladly take this response and have no reason to try and pursue the sale any longer. As was noted before, time is money to someone marketing door to door, so when you aren’t going to buy, their time is much better spent with someone who potentially will.

Honesty is the best policy when it comes to dealing with someone marketing door to door. A quick and easy rejection is far better for both parties rather than fabricating the truth, thus dragging the discussion on and wasting everybody’s time.

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