All too often door-to-door sales reps come off as condescending or talk down to their potential customers. Not only does this push people away from you, it can cost you the sale as well. This post is about some effective strategies you can use to get your potential customer on your side quickly while selling door to door.

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Make an assumptive statement that your potential customer already understands when you state facts while you are marketing door to door

A common way that door-to-door sales reps destroy rapport with their potential customer is by making statements in a way that ends up putting down their potential customer. This could be explaining how your products and services work in a way that assumes your potential customer doesn’t know what is going on.

Even if it is the case that your potential customer doesn’t know what you are talking about or it is new knowledge for them, positioning it that way can end up offending people. You are always better off making the assumption that your potential customers do understand what you are talking about and stating it as such.

When you give your potential customer the benefit of the doubt you will let them save face if they really don’t happen to know what you are talking about. You want to position yourself as an expert in your field, but do it in a way that doesn’t turn people away from buying from you.

An effective way to educate your potential customer without offending them is by using pre-statements

By putting a pre-statement in front of educating a potential customer it will go a long way to more effectively build rapport as well as help you close more sales. The close starts in your sales pitch and value build and if you don’t have rapport it will be hard to make sales.

Some effective pre-statements are as follows: “As you know…” “I’m sure you already know…” “I know that you are familiar with…” “As I’m sure you are already aware…”

Any form of acknowledging that your potential customer already knows or is familiar with an area you are going to educate them on will be effective. For an added bonus you can also nod your head in agreement as you make these statements to further build rapport and get your potential customer on your side.

Not only will doing this leave your potential customer feeling empowered, but it also gets your potential customer agreeing with whatever facts you were telling them. This goes a long way towards having that person become a customer.

Another form of this concept is using post-questions while selling door to door

This form of questioning will be used in conjunction with pre-statements in such a way that will bring your potential customer into your way of thinking. For example, a few of these post-questions could be: “Right?” “Do you understand?” “Does that make sense?” “That makes sense doesn’t it?” “You wouldn’t want that to happen would you?”

Let’s say for example you were talking to a potential customer about pest control. You could start off by saying something like, “As I’m sure you know how when pests are left unchecked in your home they will continue to breed and multiply. Also like I’m sure you are familiar with that in the winter, while you often don’t see pests, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t there, but they are usually focused on building up their numbers and nesting in the wall voids and cracks and crevices around your home. That’s why I’m sure you’d agree that it would make sense to still have your home treated for pests in the winter to keep them from growing in numbers and causing issues come spring time right? You wouldn’t want to have us come back and treat for an infestation this spring, would you?”

Using these strategies will ultimately get your potential customer agreeing with what you are telling them, while positioning yourself as an expert and with the ending post-questions it will almost always result in them saying yes to what you offer as it makes complete sense with what you are saying.

Implement these two aspects into your door-to-door sales process and you will be setting yourself up for success!

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