Recruiting for door-to-door sales can be difficult without the right positioning, so in this post you’ll learn some more effective ways to position your door-to-door sales opportunity as a recruiter.

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As a door-to-door sales rep you’ll develop solid resume credentials

Most people end up doing door-to-door sales as a summer job during their college years. Certainly during this time of your life, you have lots of options for summer jobs.

Unfortunately, many summer jobs don’t pay that great, and they can have little impact towards your career. That’s where door-to-door sales differs.

Having a door-to-door sales job will allow you to develop many transferable skills in addition to the potential of earning great money. Nothing wrong with working a part time job in retail or food service, or any of the other many jobs you could land over the summer, but those jobs are pretty much just a paycheck.

As a door-to-door sales recruiter, you can position your door-to-door sales opportunity as more than just a paycheck. Talk about how your potential recruits can develop life long skills to go along with the money they can earn over the summer.

Door-to-door sales is great, and you certainly can make very good income doing it, but for most people it isn’t their ultimate end game for their career. A door to door sales rep can develop many valuable skills like, sales skills, negotiation skills, people skills, determination, discipline, among other things.

After college, most employers are looking for more than just good grades. That’s always a plus having those, but many hiring managers are looking for what you can bring to the table for their company.

Having the skills you’ll develop through door-to-door sales, are certainly things many employers look for in new hires. So as a or-to-door sales recruiter, be sure to position your opportunity in a way that highlights these extra resume builder benefits.

Who you become as a successful door-to-door sales rep

Another added benefit of taking on a summer sales position in door-to-door marketing is who you become while you create success in door-to-door sales. Increase self confidence is another part of becoming successful in door-to-door sales.

It’s pretty doubtful anyone would say that they would like to be less confident. The same goes for employers, they really aren’t looking for people who are timid, and lack confidence in themselves or their abilities.

A strong sense of self confidence is one side effect of taking on a door-to-door sales position and succeeding. Most people run in fear of rejection and sales.

While door-to-door sales might not be a fit for everyone, it is a learn-able skill. So regardless of your confidence levels going into it, you can develop a high degree of confidence overcoming the challenges with marketing door-to-door.

This is yet another great advantage and skill set you can learn while taking on a door-to-door sales opportunity. As a door-to-door sales recruiter, you should talk about the increased confidence your potential sales reps will develop by going through your program.

Having a thick skin and being able to handle rejection is a great skill to have in the business world or any career for that matter.

Last but not least, how to position the money

Certainly as a door-to-door sales recruiter you’ll want to mention the money that is possible in door-to-door sales. You can earn a lot of money while selling door-to-door, but again it’s not everything.

It’s not just about the money, but how you frame the money for your potential recruit. For example your recruit may just be a college student.

You could frame your door-to-door sales opportunity as a way for them to make enough money in a few short months, so that they wouldn’t have to worry about working a part time job during the school year. This could give them time to focus on their studies and not have to worry about paying for their books, and other expenses.

Your potential recruit may be older and has a family to support. You can frame your door-to-door sales opportunity as a way that they can earn enough income to set up financial freedom for their family and live the lifestyle they want.

By positioning your door-to-door sales opportunity in a way that covers many benefits, vs just a pay check, you’ll get much better results as a door-to-door sales recruiter.

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