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Do you believe in the product you are selling door to door?

One key foundation for success that you’ll want to have while selling door to door is a strong belief in your company and product. If you aren’t excited about your products, services, or the company you represent, it can be hard to get someone else excited about it.

Sales had been called in some circles a transfer of energy. It’s hard to have a lot of excitement towards something you don’t believe in. This is something to consider if you are struggling to stay motivated.

Trying to convince someone to buy something that you don’t believe in is going to be a pretty draining job. You probably wouldn’t do something this extreme, but try and imagine being a vegetarian trying to be a meat salesmen. Most likely you’d have a pretty hard time getting up every day and consistently working hard promoting something you are completely against.

Certainly it doesn’t have to be this level of polar opposites, but if you don’t see the value or believe that your products or services can help your potential customers you’ll have a hard time selling it.

Have you got into a mental rut selling door to door?

Another possibility is that you haven’t been working on your skills and improving yourself to have the right mindset for selling door to door. Belief in yourself that you can succeed is another crucial factor for staying motivated in door-to-door sales.

If you aren’t continually improving your skills by practicing, reading books like Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale, or going through training material like we have at D2D Millionaire, can give you new ideas and keep you out of a rut. Continuing to improve on your skills and getting through your learning curve as quickly as possible can help you stay motivated.

Certainly it’s going to be hard to stay motivated if no one is buying no matter how hard you work. Remember, door-to-door sales is a numbers game, and when your focus is on improving your skills, you’ll start to get better results.

Making great income is always a way that can help you stay motivated while selling door to door. Hitting your small goals can help you stay motivated to achieve even bigger goals.

You’ll need to separate discipline from motivation if you want to succeed selling door to door

Another major thing to keep in mind is that door-to-door sales leaders don’t always feel like knocking on doors. However, what separates the greats from the average sales reps is those that succeed at a high level, master the mundane and continue to do what’s necessary to reach their goals, even when they don’t always feel like it.

This is where the difference between motivation and discipline comes into play while selling door to door. Success in selling requires talking to a lot of people and going through a lot of no’s.

Sometimes, and maybe even most of the time, you aren’t going to feel motivated about knocking on doors or reaching your goals. At the same time, door-to-door sales leaders understand that if they want to hit their income and sales goals, sometimes it will require them to be disciplined to work when they aren’t motivated to do so.

A great work ethic and consistent discipline are required for success while selling door to door. If you are lacking in these traits, door-to-door sales can be tough.

By having a strong belief in your company, product or service, focusing on continual improvement of your skills, and development of a strong discipline to reach your goals, it can help you to work through the times when you don’t always feel motivated to put in the work necessary to succeed in door-to-door sales.

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