The initial approach in door-to-door sales can either make or break you, so this post we cover some tips on how to improve your door-to-door sales pitch.

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Should your door-to-door sales pitch be scripted?

If you are just starting out in door-to-door sales, it’s probably good to have a script that you follow, but the sooner you can make it more of a guideline the better. You are going to want to have certain steps in place when you go though your door-to-door sales pitch, but if you come off like a robot that’s a bad thing.

Not only can following an exact script and being robotic be bad because your potential customer can tell, but it can also reinforce bad habits. We’ve all heard that practice makes perfect, but it also makes permanent.

All too often, door-to-door sales reps that are struggling, continue to say the same door-to-door sales pitch even if it isn’t working. Instead of correcting the problem of their sales pitch, they instead look to blame others.

“It’s the company’s fault.” “This is a bad neighborhood.” “The people in this city don’t like our products.” and on the excuses roll. If you routinely are getting poor results selling door to door, it might be time to look in the mirror and at your door-to-door sales pitch as a start.

Focus on an effective initial approach and sales pitch

The first 45 seconds of your approach with a new potential customer can make or break your sale. Potential customers should feel as if what you are communicating to them is something you are passionate about not just reading from a note card like a telemarketer.

Creating habits are natural for humans, so often as door-to-door sales reps you will need to focus and put a bit more effort into your door-to-door sales pitch to keep it fresh. It would be optimal to have a new icebreaker that is unique to each potential customers.

It might take some time to get the hang of this skill, but make a game out of it, by trying a new initial ice breaker with each potential customer and see how many you can do in a row. This will help you become more observant to the situation to come up with something unique each time.

Having a unique ice breaker will build rapport with your potential customer much faster than a canned generic ice breaker will. Your goal is to appear as a messenger of good news and throwing in some variety with each potential customer can help with that.

4 things to cover in your door-to-door sales pitch

Having each sales pitch you go through unique doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. You may switch up parts of your door-to-door sales pitch, but you should still have the same foundational elements each time to be most effective.

After your ice breaker you’ll want to transition to the first step of your sales pitch, which is stating who you are. You can make this unique as well. For example you might say “Hey I’m Tom with Nice Lawn Care, you know the guys who keep your grass green?” or “Hey I’m Tom with Nice Lawn Care, we mow it, so you don’t have to.”

Whatever you say, just be sure to include your name and the company you work for.

From that point you’ll want to move on to the next step of your door-to-door sales pitch, which is why are you there. Answer this question for your potential customer as fast as you can, because we all know they are thinking it.

Ideally at this point you can name-drop and let your potential customer know about some kind of limited-time special offer you have available while you are in the neighborhood. Doing this also accomplishes the next step of your sales pitch of letting your potential customer know what you are offering.

Finally, you’ll want to transition into a conversational close and ask some sort of closing question to help you gather more information about your potential customer. This can help you learn if your potential customer qualifies for your time or not.

Some samples of question are:  “How many square feet is your home?”, “How long have you lived in the home?”, and “Are you the original owners or have you moved in recently?”

All of the questions are low pressure and don’t really feel like you are selling anything to your potential customer. This keeps them open-minded to hearing more as well as gives you more information to see how your offer might best help them.

When you customize your door-to-door sales pitch to your potential customer and follow the proven sales process for door-to-door sales, your results will start to skyrocket!

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