Often we see door-to-door sales reps struggle with transitioning into the value build and close. In this post we are going cover a simple conversational closing technique for selling door to door.

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Closing starts with your initial approach in door-to-door sales

An aspect a lot of sales reps have a problem with is their initial approach. The initial approach can either make or break the sale, and doing your initial approach effectively, can have a big impact on the effectiveness of your close.

Most potential customers you’ll approach tend to have their guards up when they first answer the door. Having an effective initial greeting can help to alleviate some of this apprehension your potential customers may be feeling.

A great way to approach someone on the doors is to make some sort of genuine complement or comment based on an observation about them, their home, or their surroundings. For example, if there were kid’s toys in the yard you could make a comment about the kids being out of school and what they are going to do to keep busy this summer.

Or, if you notice they have a dog, or maybe the dog barks as you ring the doorbell, you could make a playful comment such as, “That’s an interesting sounding doorbell you have there, it sounds like a dog barking.”

The key is to have some sort of lighthearted icebreaker that can cut some of the tension, and can position you as a messenger of good news, rather than an unwanted salesperson. When you come off as someone that’s just delivering a great offer and something that can help your potential customer, it will lead to more sales.

Your initial approach should quickly have an icebreaker and answer the questions of who you are, why you are there, and what you are offering. Answer these in your initial approach and you’ll have a much easier time closing.

A simple and effective conversational close for selling door to door

If you happen to be at a loss for words after your initial approach, a simple transition is to move into a conversational close. Basically a conversational close is asking a question that can gather more information from your potential customer to see if they qualify for your offer, without directly asking them to buy.

A great conversation close you can use in many industries is asking something along the lines of, “Where are you guys from?” or “When was your home built?” or “How old is your home?”

Finding out the age of the home or how long someone has been living in it can give you a lot of options and ways to position your offer as beneficial to your potential customer.

For example, if you found out your potential customer’s home was brand new, and you sold pest control, you could say something along the lines of, “I’m sure you aren’t seeing much in the way of pest activity now since your home is brand new, and that’s exactly why we are here, to help you keep it that way.”

If the homeowner has been in their home for 10-15 years, you can mention aspects of how your product or service benefits homes of that age. For example, if you sold security systems you might say something along the lines of, “As you know, the quality, security and technology of door locks has greatly improved in the past few years, and while you might not have experienced any break-ins at this point, thieves are starting to target homes in your age range as the locks tend to be easier to pick and gain access to…”

Finally, if the home is in the older range of being over 20+ years old, it can fall into a category of needing upgrades and repairs. In this case you might be selling roofing and could say something along the lines of, “As I’m sure you are aware, as your home ages, the roof can take a beating from storms and simple wear and tear. This can cause an increase in heating costs as well as the likelihood for leaks and other damage. The quality of roofing has also improved in the past few decades and we are offering a special discount to homes that are 20+ years old because we’ll be in your area…”

Overall, having a successful initial approach followed up with a conversational close, and asking about the age of their home can give you a lot of options to lead successfully into a sale. Focus on developing a few logical reasons someone would benefit from your product or service for each age range and you’ll greatly increase your sales production.

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