When you follow the proven system of door-to-door sales taught here at D2D Millionaire, you will certainly get results, but all things being equal the more likable you are to your potential customers the better results you will get selling door to door.

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You are selling yourself in addition to what you are selling door to door

You really only have one chance at a first impression while you are selling door to door, and when you are approaching a new potential customer you are selling yourself as much as your products. This means that you need an effective way to quickly build rapport when you first meet your potential customer.

One great way to do this is to lead with a complement in your initial approach and don’t immediately get into your sales pitch. This allows you to get the conversation moving a positive direction.

You have two strikes against you when you talk to somebody as a door-to-door sales rep. First, you are an uninvited guest, and second, you are attempting to offer goods and services to your potential customer that they didn’t request.  With both of these strikes against you, you need an effective way to bring these potential customers on your side quickly.

People do business with people they like, especially in door-to-door sales

Leading with a compliment in your initial approach can help you do this and build rapport quickly and help to buy you enough time to see if that potential customer qualifies for what you offer.

All things being equal, your potential customers are far more likely to buy from someone they like compared to someone they don’t like. When you make someone feel good, it creates rapport quickly and gets them to like you.

Complimenting them based on the observations you see around their home or what they are wearing is a great way to do this. After you have complimented your potential customer you will want to ask a followup question to continue the conversation.

You could compliment them on a variety of things, their lawn, landscaping, cars, home, pets, and more. It could sound something like this, “You have such beautiful dogs, I have two at home myself, how old are they?”

By leading with a compliment and then a question, you immediately set yourself apart from most door-to-door sales reps and this will lower your potential customer’s guard enough for them to hear you out.

Treat your potential customers like friends when you are marketing door to door

Most people tend to do business with those that they know, like and trust, thus by complimenting your potential customers and not going straight into the sales process it positions yourself as a messenger of good news, rather than a pushy salesperson.

When you treat your potential customers like friends first and then lead into your sales presentation, it will get you better results. This approach allows you to share your message to more people and get better results talking to less people.

Follow the compliment with a follow-up question builds rapport quickly and gets your potential customers to like you right away.

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