A downside to door-to-door sales is that most people immediately see you as an uninvited guest, but when you use the strategy of name-dropping you can quickly eliminate that feeling with your potential customers.

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How to use name-dropping while selling door to door

A great part of door-to-door sales is that you can actually target areas and neighborhoods where you already have existing customers and begin to branch off from them with your sales efforts.

A couple of key factors that most potential customers wonder about is “Who are you?” “Why are you here?” and “How can you help me?” The better you answer these questions, the more open your potential customer will be to hear you out.

By name-dropping you can answer many of these questions very quickly. For example, you might say something like, “Hey this is Jim with Friendly Lawn Care, and we just came from the Turner’s house as they just set up a service tomorrow with us. We are here reaching out to the other neighbors to let them know we have a few extra openings available tomorrow and since we are already servicing their house we are offering a huge discount for a few more neighbors that decide to fill those openings.”

When you approach a potential customer in this way, they are much more willing to hear you out and will be less likely to have their defenses up when you are talking with them about your offer.

How to go above and beyond a name-drop in an initial approach

Recently on the doors with Lenny Gray, Author of “Door-to-Door Millionaire Secrets of Making the SaleI was able to snag some even higher level secrets for name-dropping.

Mastering the basics is one essential key to doing a lot of business while selling door to door. There are basics of name-dropping which is mentioning an existing customer while approaching a new potential customer and then there is the mastery level like Lenny portrayed.

So what are some higher level ways you can use name-dropping to increase your sales while selling door to door? Well one aspect is bringing in pieces of conversations you had with potential customers or existing customers you had in the neighborhood.

For example, if you sell pest control, and you talked to a neighbor who was seeing spiders, you could bring that up with the person’s neighbor as part of your name-drop.

These are great things to bring up with other potential customers. It might sound something like, “I was just talking with Bob down the road and he was seeing a lot of spider activity around his home, and he decided to get one of those spots tomorrow, have you been seeing more pest activity inside your home or mostly just outside at this point?”

In this case you are name-dropping while transitioning into your conversational close, but also addressing a common concern in the neighborhood. Doing something like this can make your offer even more legitimate in your potential customer’s eyes.

You might also name-drop things in common with your potential customers that you addressed in conversations with other neighbors. For example, maybe you sell security systems and some neighbors were concerned with their children’s safety.

It might sound something like, “Ah I see you have some little ones running around too! We were just talking with Jane next door and she decided to get set up with our system to keep her kids safe. She has a 3 and 4 year old and wanted to make sure her home was secure when they had baby sitters over…”

In addition to simply telling a potential customer you talked to one of their neighbors, you can even show them their order forms. You might say something like, “As you can see, Tom next door secured his spot for one of our techs to come out tomorrow (flash them the filled out order form). He was excited to take advantage of the special discount we are offering tomorrow and fill one of the few spots we have left…”

Social proof is a powerful thing you can do to help potential customers take action, and using it through name-dropping is another way to bring in more sales with potential customers.

Master every aspect of name-dropping and you’ll earn a lot more sales while selling door to door.

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