People commonly make the same types of buying decisions, and knowing this can really help you bring in more switch-over accounts in door-to-door sales.

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Currently using a similar product or service is a great way to qualify your potential customer

One of the biggest mistakes sales reps make in door-to-door sales is they spend too much time with the wrong people. A great way to avoid this is to make sure your potential customers qualify for your time before you go too far into your sales pitch and begin value building.

Even though you might think somebody with the product or service you are offering would disqualify them as a potential customer, in reality this is actually a primary qualify. As stated above, most people make similar buying decisions, thus you have a great chance of switching over people with the same product or service if you can help them to understand how your product or service differentiates from their current product or service.

When it comes to getting a switch-over accounts, you want to capitalize on this same principle.

A great question to ask that can lead to getting more switch-over accounts in door-to-door sales

One effective strategy to get more switch-over accounts is to briefly explain the similarities your product or service has to whatever company your potential customer is currently using. To find out this information, you might consider asking the following questions:

“What was your reason for getting started with your current company?”

“What specifically do you like about your current company?”

When you ask this question you are going to find out the exact reasons behind their buying decision. When you know this crucial piece of information you can then focus your value build on how your product or service will fulfill what they were looking for in the first place, but then accentuate the upgrades of your product or service.

For example, let’s say you were marketing pest control and when you asked your potential customer why they got started with their current service they said it was because they had Eco-friendly options for products. Thus, you’ll want to explain how the service you are offering also uses Eco-friendly products (if they do) so the potential customer realizes they won’t miss out on this option by switching over.

By discussing similarities, you are much more likely to convince a potential customer to switch-over to your product or service.

Prospects will pay more for what they want

This concept ties in well with people making similar buying decisions repeatedly. Let’s say you are selling cars and the potential customer comes in with a minivan to trade in and upgrade. If you asked them why they bought a minivan in the first place, you will be able to craft your sales pitch around this reason. For example, if their primary reason for purchasing a minivan was for the safety features you will know that whatever upgrade you offer them should also have a high safety rating. Once you know this, you can decide to show them a variety of vehicle options with high safety ratings.

You could promote a high-end vehicle to start, and then work your way down the price scale to more economical options in order to fit the customer’s budget. As long as you focus on the primary reason (in this case, safety) they bought their current vehicle, your likelihood of selling them a similar or upgraded vehicle will increase.

Another example could be when purchasing a home. If someone’s main buying point of why they bought their first home was that it was located near great schools, and now they needed a bigger home because of a new kid on the way, you would want to make sure this new home was also near great schools.

Most likely you could help your potential customer get a home even above their typical price range if it had the best schools in the city. The same concept applies in door-to-door sales. When you focus on wants and past buying decisions you can get them to switch-over to your products and services even if they might be more expensive than the competitor’s products they currently use.

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