I’m sure you’ve been in the situation when after going through your entire sales pitch and value build, the prospect says, “I need to think about it.” This is so frustrating! In this post we’ll be covering some tips to get potential customers to buy right away.

Tips for Getting Your Potential Customers to Buy Right Away

Unfortunately, a lot of sales reps spend their time with people who aren’t genuinely interested in buying

One thing to understand in sales is that a lot of potential customers who really aren’t interested will rarely directly tell you no. Most of the time they say something like they need to think it over, they want to do their research, they don’t have the money, etc.

Not to say that every objection you encounter while selling door to door is fake, but there’s a difference between someone wanting to buy but having a concern before they do, and someone who gives you an objection as a polite way of saying no. Sometimes this is referred to as “The Nice No.”

The first thing you want to do when you are talking to a potential customer is determine if they even qualify for your time. Too many times sales reps try and convince everyone to buy, even those who have no interest. In fact, a large portion of people you encounter in door-to-door sales wouldn’t take what you are selling for free, let alone spend money on it!

Thus, directing the majority of your time only to qualified customers is key to spending time with the right people.

Establish a timeline to make a decision with your prospect so they can’t just think about it on their own time

As stated above, a lot of the time when you get a potential customer saying they want to think about it, it really comes from a couple things. Usually it’s that they aren’t really interested, they didn’t qualify, there wasn’t enough value built with your offer, or they don’t have a good reason to buy now.

A great way to create a reason why a potential customer should buy now is by establishing a timeline of when they have to take action to get some sort of special offer.

For example, if you were offering a discount to fill a couple spots in your technician’s routes, you can establish a timeline and get more people to buy now when you offer the special discount for today only.

Another way to establish a reason for your prospect to take action now is through the fear of loss. This means you could say something like, “It’s certainly fine if you want to think about it and get started with us down the road. However, if you did want to get the exclusive offer we have right now and lock in that discounted price, I’ll need to know by the end of the day today. We are happy to help you out whenever works best for you, but outside of getting started today, you would have to pay the regular price of our services.”

When you use a timeline it can make your potential customers get off the fence and a much higher percentage of the people you will talk to with this strategy will get started right away.

Don’t worry about being direct while you are marketing door to door

Another thing sales reps struggle with while marketing door to door is worrying about being too direct. There is a difference between being aggressive and pushy and being direct.

For example, when someone says they need to think about it, don’t hesitate to ask them if that’s simply a polite way for them to say no. A quick no is far better than a drawn out maybe. When you are waiting around to follow up, or basing your schedule around someone who wants to think about it, it can dramatically decrease the time you have to spend with prospects who are really interested and willing to buy.

Beyond using the fear of loss and establishing a timeline, being direct can help you sort through the interested prospects and the tire kickers who aren’t going to take action. If someone said they need to think about it you can also directly ask, “What is it specifically you need to think about?”

You might also say, “I can appreciate that you want to think things over. As I said before the discount we are offering is for today only. I’m just curious though, what would be the determining factor for you getting started with us today?”

With this approach you can see what might be the real reason behind their hesitation that you can overcome, or if they still are beating around the bush and say they don’t know or they still just want to think about it, you probably want to just walk away from the sale and focus on someone who is truly interested in buying.

Implement these strategies in your approach while marketing door to door and it can help you make more sales and focus on spending time with the right people.

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