Time is money while you are marketing door to door, so you want to be sure you are maximizing your time on the doors. The best way to do that is by qualifying your potential customers.

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Does your potential customer qualify for YOUR time

Yes, you read that correctly, does your potential customer qualify for your time?

If you want a lot of success selling door to door, you’ll want to focus on finding people who are looking for what you offer and not trying to convince people who have no need or interest in your offer.

Your time is way too valuable to spend it with people that show you no indication of needing or wanting what you are selling. Door-to-door sales is a numbers game and you’ll get the most results when you talk to enough people who actually qualify for your time.

Learning how to properly qualify your potential customers is a skill that can be developed. Unfortunately, many door-to-door sales reps end up either spending too much time talking to the wrong people, or end conversations too quickly with people who actually do qualify for more of their time.

4 things to look for when qualifying your potential customers

Keep in mind that your potential customer does not need to have all of these things to qualify for your time. Nevertheless, the more qualifiers they have, the higher probability of a sale.

  1. Does the potential customer ask, “How much is it?”
  2. Does the potential customer ask questions about your product or service?
  3. Does the potential customer already own your product or service or use something similar?
  4. Do you see a need for the product or service you are offering to your potential customer?

Below we will break down each of the 4 primary qualifiers:

1. How much is it?

With all the sales encounters our sales reps have gone through over the years, it’s almost impossible to pinpoint a single sale where the potential customer didn’t ask how much the product or service was before they bought.

Therefore if you run into this question while selling door to door, there is a very high chance the potential customer has some level of interest in what you are selling.

While this is a great sign that your potential customer may buy from you, it shouldn’t mean that you immediately jump in for the close. You’ll still want to mention the discount and build value in your product before divulging the price.

2. What does it do? How exactly does your product/service work?

No one would ever ask a question trying to find out more information about a product or service if they had no interest in purchasing it. For this reason, when a potential customer asks questions about your product or service, they immediately qualify for more of your time.

When they do ask, it’s your job to build enough value in what you are selling that makes the decision for them to buy a simple one.

3. We already have that, we already have something similar, or we already use a different service.

You might think if someone already has the product or service you are offering they wouldn’t be a good prospect, however, you’d be surprised. When someone already has a product or service, you know they already have a need for it. Therefore, you simply need to find out more about why they bought their current products or services, and find out how your offer could be a better fit than what they are currently using.

We could spend an entire post all about the process of getting a switchover account, but we’ll just cover the basic idea in this post since it is focused more on characteristics to look for when qualifying a potential customer.

The basic steps are as follows:

  1. Acknowledge your potential customers intelligence for understanding the value of the products or services you offer.
  2. Explain how common it is for people to switch over their accounts to your company.
  3. Cover similarities of what your offer has compared to what they currently use and emphasize the positive differences of what you can offer instead.

4. Your potential customer needs what you are offering.

This is probably the most simple of the 4 ways to tell if your potential customer qualifies for more of your time. If you can see they have a need for what you are offering, it’s your job to point it out. For example, let’s say that you are selling a pest control service and you notice spider webs in the customer’s eaves, you might say something like, “As you’ve probably already noticed up in the eaves here (pointing to the spider webs), many of your neighbors are getting these same types of spider webs in the eaves of their homes too.”

It’s pretty simple to determine if someone has a need through observation and by asking the right questions in your initial approach while selling door to door. The key is to call attention to that need without being confrontational or offensive.

Qualifying your potential customers doesn’t have to be something overly difficult while you are marketing door to door, but it needs to be something you do with every potential customer to make the most of your time on the doors.

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