Depending on what you market you might not get this objection too often, but when you do, there is definitely a right and a wrong way to handle it and get prospects on your side when you get the do it yourself objection.

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When it comes to someone who has the Do it Yourself mindset don’t put them on the defensive

A common mistake sales reps make when it comes to the do it yourself objection is they immediately attack their potential customer’s judgement when they say that doing it yourself is a bad idea. That may be true for several reasons depending on what you market, but directly telling them so can cost you the sale.

A better way to start off when you are selling door to door and encounter the do it yourself objection is to compliment them for understanding the value of the service you provide.

For example, if you market pest control, instead of telling your potential customer they shouldn’t be doing their own pest control, you should compliment them and say you are glad they understand the value of treating for pests and protecting their home from pests.

Determine the reason they are doing it themselves

This step can happen in a couple of different ways. For example, back to the pest control situation, if your potential customer did do their own pest control a great question to ask would be “What pest issues are you treating for?”

The basic idea is to gather more information and determine what problems they have that your products or services can help with. If you determine your prospect treats for ants, you could then ask what kind of products they use to treat for them, or what areas have they been treating for the ants.

Your goal is to find out as much as possible regarding what they are trying to do themselves. Once you determine what the issue is and how they are trying to deal with it, your next step is to transition to how your products or services can help.

How to deal with the do it yourself objection by emphasizing similarities and expanding on differences and advantages of hiring you

When it comes to this step there are a couple of options. One is to talk about the similarities your products or services have to what they are doing now, and then explain how other aspects of what you have will outperform what they are doing.

For example, in the pest control example with the ant problem, you could talk about how the treatments they are doing for ants in the yard is good and that it can help reduce their numbers, but also include how the products your company uses and the services your company will render, will supplement what they are doing.

You could also talk about how your products are superior to the products they can purchase at the store in terms of leaving a longer residual, holding up longer in weather, and are also guaranteed.

Focus on the time saving opportunity for your potential customer

Another aspect that can help you overcome the do it yourself objection is to break down the cost and time saving the person will get with hiring you instead of them doing it themselves.

For example, if you are selling a lawn care service you can talk about the time saving aspect by breaking down your monthly service into weekly increments. Say for example your service costs $200 a month. Well when you water down the price to a weekly amount it becomes $50 a week.

You can then explain and cast the vision of what they could do with their the time saved doing their own lawn care. You might say, “Would $50 a week be worth it for you to take your kids fishing instead of working in the yard?”

It’s not always about what your product or service directly provides, it can also be about the time it can free up for customers.

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