A common concern sales reps encounter when they are selling pest control is when a potential customer already has a pest control service.

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How to turn already having a pest control service into a conversation starter

More often than not, each day you are knocking doors you’ll likely encounter potential customers who already have a pest control service. When you run into this objection, the first thing you should do is turn this fact into a conversation starter.

When you encounter a common objection or concern, one of the best ways to get around it is to make a win-win assumption about it. For example, you could say something like, “That’s great, most people around here already have a pest control service, which one did you guys decide to go with this year?”

Another instance could be if you are getting people saying they aren’t seeing any bugs. In this case you would say something like this, “I’m sure at this point you probably aren’t seeing any bug activity in your home, and that’s why we are here, to help you keep it that way.”

When you assume your potential customer already already has the common concern you are hearing from others, you are able to disarm them and create an atmosphere of discussion. o disarm their guard they have up.

What happens to your prospect when you lead with a win-win assumption

When you lead with a win-win assumption it takes your prospect off of the defensive. In door-to-door sales more often than not, your potential customers aren’t expecting your visit. Typically what sales reps do is go through their entire sales pitch and value build, and then when it comes to asking for the sale they end up getting some objection. This approach can cost you sales. Instead, lead off with assuming they have the concern already and handle it before your prospect mentions it.

Leading off with an assumption like this leads to a couple of different outcomes. If your potential customer doesn’t have the concern you assume they do, they will tell you that up front and then it’s one less thing you will need to deal with while closing the sale. If they do have that concern, you have immediately addressed it and can make it a part of your conversation and tie it into your sales pitch naturally.

When your potential customer does have a concern that you address upfront you can turn it around, and either use it to ask more probing questions or immediately turn it into the reason why you are there and how your products or services can help them.

Don’t attack other pest control companies when you are selling door-to-door, simply find what your prospect feels they are lacking

When you know your competition this can help you get more switch-over sales. Your job isn’t to bash and attack your competition when you are talking with potential customers who already have a pest control service, your job is to find out if there is a way to serve them better.

Spreading false information about other companies is unethical and dishonorable. Don’t be the type of person that forgoes ethics for personal gain.

If someone does already have a pest control service they use, they obviously have an issue with pests, or are concerned enough about keeping pests out that they are willing to invest in a service. This is a good thing for you as a sales rep because this person already qualifies to be your customer.

When you attack another pest control service it puts people on the defensive and puts their guard up. People hate making decisions in general, and when they do make one, if you tell them they made a bad one, it is not a good way to get them on your side.

Having a pest control service in place is a great conversation starter and gives you an opportunity to ask more questions and find out what their company is doing well and what areas you can do better. For example, you can ask them what pest issues they are experiencing that had them get a service in the first place. Then you can follow up to see how that is working for them.

If your competitors pest control service isn’t doing a good job or doesn’t offer the kind of service yours does, you can get a lot of switch-over accounts by simply sharing that with your prospects. Some of these people may just be with a service because they happened to be approached by them first, if you have better products and services, why not help them get something better suited to fit their needs.

Overall, when you lead off with an assumptive statement that addresses a common concern of your potential customer, it makes their guard go down. It will also let you start a conversation that can lead to more sales, rather than being a conversation stopper if they bring up the concern first.

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