It probably won’t happen too often but you should know what to do if you ever run into an unhappy customer while knocking doors.

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What can you do to satisfy an unhappy customer in door-to-door sales

The first thing you should do is apologize for whatever issue they divulge, even if you had nothing to do with it. Understand that no company is perfect, just like no human is perfect, and last time we checked all companies are run by humans, so not every customer will always be 100% happy with your company.

Most people that are complaining or negative just want to complain for complaining sake, so don’t take it personally if you run into a negative customer. After you have apologized the next thing you should do is clarify and stress to the customer that it wasn’t you personally who caused whatever negative situation they are angry with.

For example, someone on your sales team, or maybe someone selling door-to-door not even in your company may have knocked on a door later in the evening than somebody may have liked. This action may result in that person labeling the entire company or the door-to-door sales industry as a whole in a negative light. This is why if you want to have any chance of dealing with this person reasonably remind them you were not the person that caused their anger or bad experience.

The next way to diffuse an unhappy customer in door-to-door sales is to default to taking down their information for a manager

Always offer to take down their information so that you can give it to your manager, so they can figure out a solution to help make that customer happy. Show genuine concern that you care, and take an interest in the person. Often times they really don’t want anything to actually be done to remedy the situation they just want to be heard. If you tell them you need their first name, last name, phone number, address, and to describe what happened in writing so you can accurately pass on their information and complaint, most people won’t actually do that.

They would rather moan and complain to someone and be in the right rather than actually getting their issue resolved. If someone does fill out all of that information then you have everything to give to your manager to do something about it to make things right.

Don’t spend too much time with these current or past customers because there isn’t too much you can do besides pass on their information to make the situation better. Just apologize take down their info and move on. Your time is better spent elsewhere finding new customers you can help with your products and services.

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