One downfall of many door-to-door sales reps is they spend too much time with the wrong people, therefore it’s especially important to understand when to walk away from the sale.

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Does you potential customer qualify for your time?

A common mistake many door-to-door sales reps make is they are so focused on convincing everyone to buy from them, even the ones who aren’t interested or open to what they have to offer.

This can end up costing you a lot of time with people who will never buy from you, rather than spending it talking to people who could be ready to buy from you right now.

Being willing to walk away from the sale will also establish you as more of a messenger of good news, rather than a pushy salesperson.

When your potential customer knows you are just there to deliver a message and provide value to them, rather than push something on them they don’t need, they are more open to hear you out fully and buy from you.

The problem comes in, as to when should a door-to-door sales rep walk away from the sale. Too many times someone won’t actually qualify for what you are offering and some sales reps continue to push. Time is money in door-to-door sales, so making sure you are talking to qualified potential customers is essential.

3 times when you should walk away from the sale in door to door sales

1. The potential customer doesn’t accept the terms of your offer

You are in the driver’s seat when you a selling door to door, so don’t let your potential customers try and be a backseat driver. You’ll want to have a set timeline for your special offer or discount that you have available while you are marketing door to door.

If your potential customer tries to adjust your timeline and tries to get your special offer outside of the terms you have set, you should move on to the next opportunity. Bending over backwards and giving into every demand your potential customers make will actually devalue your products and services.

Giving someone more time, or changing your terms of sale to try and convince someone on the fence, can actually lead to cancellations as well as give potential customers the feeling that your product must not really be worth the initial offer you made.

2.  The potential customers tell you they will call you when they are ready to purchase

Getting this statement from a potential customer clearly tells you they are either saying it as a polite way of saying no, or they most likely aren’t ready to buy right now. This isn’t a certainty that they won’t buy now, but if they are saying this to you, it is a good indication to walk away from the sale.

You can remind them it is completely fine that they call in when they are ready, however, they would be paying full price at that point and would miss out on the discount you are offering them.

Suggest they get started now while you are in their neighborhood, or they will miss out on the discount if they decide to get started later.

3. The potential customer stops asking questions, looks at their watch, or becomes impatient

When a potential customer stops talking, gets fidgety, or is giving you negative body language, it’s time to move on. Many people are too passive to tell you to leave, or think they are sparing your feelings by not telling you no.

Save yourself and them frustration when you are getting these kinds of signs, and understand it is a good time to move on. Simply let them know you are in a bit of a rush for getting the next few spots filled for your offer, and they are welcome to contact your office when they are ready to move forward.

You can plug one last time if they would like to get the discounted spot, they can call you while you are still in the neighborhood.  Leave your information with them and if they call great, but if not, it’s no big deal. Ask for their name to name drop with future neighbors, and move on to someone qualified to buy today.

In order to fully maximize your time and get the best results selling door to door it often requires you to walk away from the sale. Follow these guidelines and it can help you stay on track and make the most of your marketing efforts!

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