We all hate getting objections at the end of our sales pitch, but if you address the common concerns while you are marketing door to door, you can avoid a lot of them.

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What’s a common concern for what you sell door to door?

If you’ve been in door-to-door sales or with your company for any amount of time, you’ll start to hear the same objections and concerns over and over again.

Some common concerns you come across will vary from industry to industry, while others could be universal such as, I need to talk to my spouse, I don’t see a need for what you are offering, I do it myself, I already have it, or it’s too expensive.

You’ll even start identifying how certain neighborhoods or cities will have common concerns. If you can anticipate concerns in advance, it can go a long way towards avoiding concerns and objections before they happen.

As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, well the same goes for preventing objections and concerns before they happen, rather than trying to overcome them later.

Use the “That’s why we are here” approach

Sometimes you’ll get the common concern of a person not seeing a need for your products or services. So, instead of going through your whole sales pitch and having someone say at the end something like, “Sounds like you have a great service, but this isn’t something I need right now.” Or, “Looks like your product would be very helpful but it’s just not something I’m interested in buying.” Try addressing these common concerns during your initial approach.

Time is money in door-to-door sales, and nothing is more frustrating than wasting your time with a potential customer that won’t buy, especially if you could have avoided that situation and had them buy instead.

A great way to overcome and handle these types of “not seeing an issue” concerns is to lead with, “That’s exactly why I’m here…” approach.

For example, “I’m sure you’re not seeing much pest activity this early in the season, but that’s exactly why we are here. If you were seeing pest issues, you would have already called someone…” Or, “I’m sure you are thinking you live in a safe neighborhood and haven’t seen any crime activity lately, but that’s exactly why I’m here. Instead of leaving your home unprotected and hoping that nothing does ever happen, we are here to help you set up a system to keep it that way…”

Addressing a common concern up front can either eliminate it or flush out other concerns

The worse part about objections and concerns is when you never even hear the real ones from your potential customers and you get an “I’m not interested…” or “I’ll have to think about it…” objection. A quick no is better than a drawn out maybe.

When you address a common concern in your initial approach, it can help you avoid these outcomes. For example, if the common concern is, “I do my own pest control” you might say, “I’m sure you are proactive and do some of your own pest control already, but what our “do it yourself” customers really love, is that they find our services complement what they are already doing…”

By addressing this common concern it does a couple of things: first, it can either eliminate that concern if they had it, and second it could get your potential customer to admit some other concern they really have.

Overall your goal should be to cater your sales pitch and value build around what your potential customer needs and wants, and if you know what their concerns are in advance, or eliminate them before they say them, your chances of making the sale will drastically increase!

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