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2 Things You Should Know About Recruiters of Door-to-Door Sales Reps

Now that you’ve taken advantage of every free pizza meeting and you’ve been relentlessly screening phone calls from desperate recruiters, it’s about that time to decide which door-to-door sales company you’re going to work for this selling season.

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No doubt it’s an important decision and one that you should feel 100% confident in once it’s made. So, before pulling the trigger and signing your name to it, here are 2 pointers that will help you to make the best decision for you.


You should know the role your recruiter will play (if any) in your experience with the company after you sign on as a sales rep. Recruiters of door-to-door sales companies oftentimes have multiple roles within a company, yet sometimes they only assume the role as recruiter. Why is this important?

Recruiters who will be interacting with you post-signing by way of training and/or managing, will be vested in your success. Their goal isn’t just to recruit you, but to ensure you have an overall positive (and hopefully lucrative) experience.

On the other hand, if a recruiter’s role is simply to recruit and then pass off his/her recruits to trainers and managers, it’s common for these types of recruiters to exaggerate the door-to-door sales experience and sales rep earning potential. Recruiters whose only motivation is to sign sales reps will oftentimes oversell the opportunity.

Your recruiter should play a pivotal role in your entire door-to-door sales experience.


Aggressive recruiting tactics work, if they didn’t recruiters wouldn’t continue using them. However, something to keep in mind is the style of a recruiter is oftentimes directly correlated with the door-to-door selling style of the recruiter and possibly the company they represent.

If recruiters use high pressure, passive aggressive, or guilt tactics to get you to sign, it’s likely they use these same tactics while selling door to door. Thus, if a particular recruiting tactic makes you feel uncomfortable, that recruiter’s company may not be your best fit knowing that you’ll likely be trained to sell door to door in the same manner.

Recruiting and selling styles commonly overlap. You should feel comfortable with the recruiting style of your recruiter.


When it comes down to it, you deserve a FANTASTIC summer sales experience. Personality types of door-to-door sales reps and the companies they work for (including their recruiters) should coincide to give you the best chance of success.

Best of luck on the doors!

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