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3 Necessities Before Knocking Doors


It’s about that time! College students and door-to-door recruits everywhere are preparing to knock doors and make ridiculous amounts of money this summer.

Having been in the door-to-door game for 18 years, I’ve come to realize there are a few things you should do before knocking that first door:

1. Set a Goal: Not only should you set an overall sales goal but you should also know how many sales you need to make each month, week and day to achieve your goal.

2. Prepare for a Beat Down: Mental preparation for repeated rejection and daily discouragement is a must for door-to-door sales reps. Have the mindset that each rejection just gets you closer to your next sale.

3. Surround yourself with Success: Learn from others who have experienced success on the doors. Sales tactics, techniques and work ethic are just some of the skills you can incorporate into your own sales game.

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