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Aggressive Door-to-Door Sales Techniques

In just 1 week, these four headlines and subsequent stories appeared online…and you thought Hillary Clinton was having a bad week!

By the looks of it, door-to-door sales reps don’t appear to be winning over the hearts of homeowners and communities.


I suggest 2 primary reasons.

First is the teaching and implementing of aggressive sales techniques. Companies that teach scare tactics typically lack confidence in their sales reps’ abilities to make sales based on technical sales skills and also in the quality of their products and services. Likewise, sales reps using fear as a primary motivator to buy, lack the basic communication skills necessary to convince potential customers of the benefits of their products and services.

At the end of the day, it’s a matter of inferior sales reps and a company’s substandard products and services that drive aggressive door-to-door sales behaviors.

Second, history has proven there are corrupt people in the world who go door to door with no intention of selling anything. These con artists sole purpose for initiating contact with unsuspecting homeowners is to scam them into parting ways with their money for nothing in return. Unfortunately, some of these impostors are very convincing and have succeeded in swindling homeowners, which in turn has muddied the waters for them being able to identify legitimate and counterfeit door-to-door sales reps.

On a grand scale, I would argue that the latter of these reasons is virtually impossible to control. Policing every person who knocks doors seems unreasonable at best. However, the former is certainly controllable if companies take the initiative to teach their sales teams true sales principles and then be willing to discipline sales reps who defy these principles. Easier written than done I suppose, but if the door-to-door sales industry is going to continue to thrive, a conscientious effort must be made by both companies employing door-to-door sales teams and individual door-to-door sales reps. You can succeed on the doors without being aggressive.