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Are you getting the BEST door-to-door sales training?

Many companies that sell door to door, tout having “The Best” sales training program, but how do you really know if you are getting the sales training that will help you maximize your earning potential?

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Here are 3 things to consider:

First, do you have access to top producers in the company?

Companies that have top producers will often glorify these sales reps and sell others on the idea of becoming equally as successful. Unfortunately, outside of brief video testimonials, the specifics of how the top producers do what they do are rarely shared.

At my company, Rove Pest Control, I make it possible for all of my door-to-door sales reps to ask me questions during weekly conference calls. These calls are extremely important for sales rep development and learning.

Being that I’ve logged over 12,000 hours on the doors, I’m an expert in door-to-door sales. There isn’t a question a sales rep could ask me that I haven’t encountered on multiple occasions. Beyond the weekly conference calls, my door-to-door sales reps also text or call me with questions.

If you don’t have access to the top producers in the company you work for, you will never reach your potential.

Second, are you given company-specific training materials?

We all know that Door-to-Door Millionaire is the best door-to-door sales training material out there! However, the company you work for should have additional training resources that outline the specifics of how to sell their products and services.

At Rove Pest Control, I’ve written an extensive training manual (over 125 pages) that teaches the essentials of how to sell Rove’s pest control service.

The products and/or services you sell should be detailed in writing so you can understand exactly what it is you are selling. The more you know about what you are selling, the more confidence you’ll possess, which translates into more sales!

Third, are you able to receive customized training?

Every sales rep has weaknesses. It might be ice-breaking, solidifying the sale, or closing. Therefore, it’s imperative you have the opportunity to receive customized sales training that will help you specifically with your weak points.

My sales reps send me audio and/or video of them on the doors while interacting with potential customers. This allows me the opportunity to provide tailored feedback on areas they can improve.

More often than not, when sales reps make the adjustments I suggest, they are immediately rewarded.

In fact, just this week I had a rookie sales rep who hadn’t sold more than 2 accounts in a day, send me audio of him on the doors with a potential customer. After incorporated my suggestions, he sold 5 accounts that same day!


If the company you are working for lacks in any of these 3 areas, bring it up to your manager or an owner. Sales reps make a lot of sacrifices to sell door to door and deserve “The Best” sales training, not just a company that proclaims it.

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