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How close should you stand to the door?

Like most anything else, there are a lot of learning layers in door-to-door sales.

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One of these layers has to do with something most sales reps don’t give much thought to. This being, how close you should stand to the door when somebody opens it.

As I’ve observed door-to-door sales reps for nearly 20 years, I’ve found that many successful sales reps use a variety of techniques when it comes to proximity of the door.

Some turn their backs to the door, busily on their tablet or phone. The sales rep waits for the potential customer to start the conversation with something like, “Can I help you?

Once the prospect initiates the conversation the sales rep casually turns around, slowly walks towards the person and says something like, “Sorry to bother you, but just really quickly let me tell you what I’m doing for your neighbors…

This approach is effective because it’s non-threatening and comes across as the antithesis of how a potential customer expects a door-to-door sales rep to act.

My style is bolder and a bit more confident in that I want to grab the homeowner’s attention immediately by engaging in eye contact as soon as they open the door.

To ensure I don’t intimidate the prospect because of my close proximity, my body language is overly casual. I prop up one foot on their doorstep, I’m turned sideways with my tablet resting on my knee, and of course I have a big smile on my face. Also, I’ll usually start the conversation with something humorous to gauge the person’s attitude.

Keep in mind, it’s important to match your tone and proximity to the door. Meaning, if I were most comfortable starting in an non-threatening stance a ways off the doorstep, my sales pitch should reflect this tone. On the other hand, if I’m confidently standing right next to their door, my attitude should exude confidence.

Experiment with a variety of proximities and stances while on the doors and see which style matches your sales pitch best and work on making it great!

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