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Do You Come Across Too Salesy While Marketing Door-to-Door?

Having knocked doors with hundreds of sales reps and witnessed thousands of door approaches, one of the most common mistakes sales reps make is not being conversational.

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Interestingly enough, when talking with sales reps as they walk between doors, they can be perfectly conversational, humorous and engaging, however, when the homeowner comes to the door they get nervous, serious and reserved.

The best sales reps are able to have immediate and friendly conversations with potential customers.

So how can you become more conversational on the doors?

3 Steps to Become More Conversational While Marketing Door to Door

First, make sure to have a smile on your face when the homeowner answers the door. A smile will put you and the potential customer at ease.

Second, when ice-breaking, use humor. You don’t have to be a stand-up comedian to be funny. Find simple ways to get the people you are trying to sell to smile or laugh.

Third, don’t be afraid to apologize. Treat your potential customers with respect, remember, you’re an uninvited guest at their home. Never let a conversation become argumentative.

Sales reps who smile, use humor and show respect, will find it easier to be more conversational. Sales reps who have genuine conversations will find more enjoyment in the job which ultimately leads to more success.

Best of luck on the doors!

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