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Do You Ever Get In A Rut With Your Conversations In Door-to-Door Sales?

Do you ever feel like you are just going through the motions with your conversations in door-to-door sales?

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The best door-to-door sales reps have conversations with potential customers.

How we communicate with others is continually evolving. Now-a-days we don’t even have to use words to express how we feel because there are emoji’s for that!

Regardless of the communication evolution, being able to hold a genuine, educated discussion with somebody will yield the best results as a door-to-door sales rep.

As I’ve observed thousands of interactions between sales reps and potential customers, it’s obvious to me that sales reps who know how to have conversations are much more successful.

While observing a rookie sales rep interacting with a potential customer, I could sense his frustration as he couldn’t understand why a seemingly interested prospect wouldn’t sign up for the service.

When you only focus on making the sale, your potential customers can feel that

This sales rep was following the steps of an effective initial approach, overcoming the person’s concerns, and closing, exactly as I taught him, but the potential customer just wouldn’t agree to buy. I had a sense the person didn’t fully trust the sales rep because she didn’t know the sales rep. Up to that point the sales rep made no attempt to converse with the prospect but was all about making the sale. I could tell this was a deterrent in having her pull the trigger and sign the agreement.

Knowing a sale was unlikely, I interjected with a simple question, “How long have you lived in the area?” This question spawned the makings of a great conversation. We talked about her hometown, what she did for a living, and her family. This changed the interaction from a sales pitch into a conversation. For the next five minutes we had a great conversation, and that’s what it took to earn her trust.

Not only did she sign up for service but she also gave us her credit card number to reserve a spot on the route. Admittedly, she told us that she never gives her credit card number out to anybody but apparently she trusted us enough, even though we had only known her for 15 minutes, that she was willing to give us her card number.

A simple question was all it took to have a meaningful conversation and shed the cloak of a stereotypical salesperson.

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