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Door-to-Door Sales in Bad Weather

For door-to-door sales reps it’s important to realize that 10-20% of your days knocking during the summer season will likely have less than ideal weather.

Door-to-door sales in bad weather

Rain, cold temperatures and even snow can quickly freeze out any excitement you had when driving to your area.

Below are 3 tips to consider that will keep you productive even during bad weather:

  1. Layer Up: layers are essential when knocking in cold weather. A rain jacket, change of socks and/or shoes, and an umbrella should be kept in the trunk of your car. When knocking in Florida one summer, I can’t remember many days when it didn’t rain for at least 30 minutes, so it was essential for me to dress properly in order to keep myself on the doors being productive.
  2. Area Management: if a rainstorm hits and the rain is bouncing off the ground above your knees, it’s officially a downpour and time to head for cover. It would also be wise to head for cover if lightning or a tornado is close (see my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire to read about my experience knocking doors during a tornado warning in Tulsa). During these times, a more effective use of your time would be to drive around neighborhoods within your area to get an idea if people are home or to game plan your future knocking strategy.
  3. Keep on Keepin’ On: the highest producing sales reps find ways to continue being productive during the bad weather days. If you have a vehicle, drive from house to house. Knock on homes that have covered porches and are close by each other. Whatever you do, don’t call it quits!

Finding ways to stay on the doors during bad weather days is critical to maximizing your potential as a door-to-door sales rep. It’s easy to come up with excuses to not be on the doors, however, you should look for every excuse to be on the doors and keep making sales.

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