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How Do You Know If You Are Choosing The Right Door-to-Door Sales Company?


Now-a-days there is no shortage of door-to-door sales companies, which can make picking the best company for your circumstance a difficult one.

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Regardless, there is not a perfect company for everybody. Each company has pros and cons that should be weighted before making your decision.

Here are some recommendations to consider while going through the decision-making process:


Pick 3 to 5 companies and spend time with a variety of representatives (not just recruiters) who currently work for, or have worked with each company you are considering. You will find that every company has a unique culture and it will be in your best interest to connect with a company that suits you best.


Make sure your personal goals (short-term and long-term) align with the goals of the company you choose. If you are looking to make as much money as possible to pay for schooling, investment opportunities, etc. pick a company that has an aggressive compensation plan. If you are looking for a long-term opportunity, make sure that’s a viable option with the companies you express interest.


Understand who will be training you and how the training will occur during the selling season. Regular, customized training from successful sales reps will make you better. Ask questions such as, “How many on-the-doors hours will my trainer and/or manager spend with me?” “How are sales reps trained before the selling season begins?” “Why is my manager and/or trainer qualified to be a great sales trainer?”

Also remember that just because somebody can sell a lot of accounts, doesn’t necessarily make them a great sales trainer. If you can’t see yourself doing (and saying) what they do to sell accounts, then their training will ultimately hold no value for you.

Keep in mind that all representatives of door-to-door sales companies will tell you they offer the best sales training. That being noted, take time to find a company that actually provides quality sales training and doesn’t just say they do! Great sales training will be one of the biggest contributors to your success (or lack of success) on the doors.

Also consider that your decision for this year’s selling season doesn’t have to be a life-long decision. If your door-to door experience isn’t what you were promised, other opportunities will be there once your obligation has been fulfilled.

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