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How I sold 23 accounts on July 4th

My personal best sales day is 23 accounts and it happened on July 4, 2000 in Jacksonville, FL. More importantly, all 23 accounts were sold at the standard contract value and serviced during the next 2 days, meaning I got paid!

Despite my record day, I encountered 3 specific challenges throughout the day that could have prevented me from reaching my PR:


Poor Time Management


First, I was immediately discouraged at the first door I knocked as the woman who answered was visibly upset that I woke her up on a holiday morning. After that encounter, I questioned whether I should go back to my car and wait 30 – 60 minutes before continuing to knock. Fortunately, I didn’t let this woman’s attitude convince me to get off the doors and I continued knocking. Discouragement on the doors can happen at any time, the best remedy for this is to figuratively pick yourself up, dust off your shoes, and knock another door!

Second, during the early afternoon I started to get hungry. Fortunately, I planned ahead and brought a brown-bag lunch with me that day so I didn’t have to leave my area to get something to eat. I walked back to my car, quickly scarfed down a sandwich, drank some water, and was back knocking doors within 10 minutes. Effectively managing my time was critical to my success that day and throughout my door-to-door sales career.

Finally, once I reached my sales goal for the day (which was 10 accounts), I could have easily convinced myself that I was done for the day and spent the rest of the holiday with my wife. However, I was determined to continue selling because I realized the next day I would start with 0 sales. Getting positive momentum is difficult in sales, so quitting early wasn’t an option for me. Becoming satisfied with our results when there’s still daylight to knock doors is a surefire way to fall short of our potential.

Discouragement, poor time management, and satisfaction are all enemies of success. In fact, all 3 of these challenges are regularly encountered by door-to-door sales reps. The key is to find ways to push through the daily challenges and keep knocking doors!

Any of these 3 challenges could have kept me from having my best sales day, but they didn’t, and they don’t have to stop you either!

Today is your day to get out there and set your personal record!

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