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Map to Success in Door to Door

Almost 25 years ago, my wife and I set out on a cross-country drive so I could sell pest control door to door for my third summer.

Our first destination was Long Island, NY to knock for a couple of weeks while the office in Jacksonville, FL prepared for our arrival.

Before leaving for New York, I purchased a paper mapbook at a local gas station and traced, with my finger, what I determined to be the best route from Salt Lake City to Long Island. Thank you, I-80!

Once we made it to New York, I purchased another map, this time a state-specific map, that helped guide us to our hotel in Hauppauge.

Looking back at this experience, it was miraculous that we made it there without any issues!

NY to FL

Fortunately, the trip from Long Island to Jacksonville was much simpler, not only was it about half the distance, but we also spent most of that trip driving on one road, I-95.

When we made it to Jacksonville, I bought another state-specific map to direct us to our apartment and help me to navigate around the city I’d spend the next 3 months knocking on doors.

In fact, I had that mapbook laminated as it was a crucial piece to my success that summer, particularly on Sundays as my wife and I would take long drives through neighborhoods on the outskirts of Jacksonville so I could plan my knocking strategy for the upcoming week.

Reps Need a Map to Success!

Similar to needing a mapbook to maximize my time in the field, sales reps benefit from having a map to help them navigate the various twists and turns of the sales process.

In sales, it’s often difficult to know the most effective path to take a prospect that gives the highest probability of making a sale.

Fortunately, I created a Map to Success in door to door to help guide reps through the sales process most effectively and efficiently.

Map to Success

My map identifies 6 primary steps, and various sub-steps that give reps the confidence to know what to say, when to say it, and how to say it.

I refer to this method as the Sales Flow, and it has taken me hundreds of thousands of potential customer interactions to perfect. This process has proven to be THE BEST way for d2d reps to know what to do when the prospect opens their door, all the way until scheduling them an appointment to receive service!

When reps understand the intricacies of the Sales Flow, they WILL BE SUCCESSFUL ON THE DOORS!

Unfortunately, unlike the maps I had to buy along the way to get to New York and Florida, the Map to Success isn’t for sale.

That’s because it’s FREE!

I want to give you this map so you can master door to door more quickly than I ever thought imaginable!

I hope your journey in door-to-door sales will be as memorable and rewarding as mine!

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