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Retain Your Sales Reps!

Hiring new sales team members is difficult! And studies show that 74% of salespeople fail (click for study link).

The root cause of failure is the lack of quality training. In general, sales training isn’t taught consistently with proven processes and procedures.

What sales training material does your company use for new hires?

Simplify your onboarding training with my proven sales material, specifically created for the Home Service industry.

Home Service companies will benefit with training that is replicable for all new hires.

3 R’s of Great Training

And, when your sales training materials are on point, you reap 3 invaluable rewards:

  1. Results – reps who receive the best training, will achieve the best results.
  2. Retention – reps who get the results will stay with your company.
  3. Recruiting – reps who are retained and getting results, will inevitably tell others about their experience and bring in recruits.

Keep the reps you hire by providing award-winning sales training materials and never look back!

Replacing a new sales team member is pricey! In fact, some studies have shown that it can cost over $100,000 to replace a sales team member who quits (click for study link).

My sales training material consists of a 29,000 word Playbook (you also get the 3-hour audio version), which outlines the exact sales processes I’ve been teaching my own sales team members for over 2 decades!

And, for a limited time you will also receive my 2.5-hour Training Camp video FOR FREE that shares real-life examples of the sales process in action.

You need to invest in this training program! Once you get it, it’s yours forever!

As each of your new sales team members participates in the same training, you will achieve continuity in what is being taught, and also in the results you desire for each of your team members!

Don’t miss out!