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Rooting Out Unethical Sales Practices

As your company continues to grow, your day-to-day interaction with your sales staff may decrease, which can lead to your company’s sales principles and practices being compromised.

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When you observe or are made aware of unethical sales practices being used during the sales process, it’s vital that you address these issues without delay.

In my experience, sales managers and owners are generally hesitant to approach high producers who are misrepresenting company policies and procedures. Managers and owners might say things like:

“I don’t want to throw him/her off their game so I’m not going to say anything about it.”

“As long as they keep selling, we can rectify any misunderstandings on the service side of things.”

“If I confront this sales rep, I’ll lose them to a competitor.”

The majority of time, in my experience, when sales reps are using unprincipled sales practices it’s because that’s how they were trained, or because they don’t understand company policy.

For example, my company (Rove Pest Control) does not offer termite treatments for customers who sign up for a general pest control service. Termite treatments have to be added as a specialized service. In fact, this policy is written in my company’s sales training playbook.  Nonetheless, every year we have door-to-door sales reps who sell termite treatments as part of a general pest control service.

Most of the time the sales rep is acting in ignorance, thus when the issue is addressed with the sales rep it’s unlikely we see the issue resurface.

However, if we ignored the issue, we would be sending an indirect message to this sales rep and others that the company termite policy isn’t important.

As noted, it’s important to have company guidelines and polices stated in a company training manual. When a sales rep is approached, it will be less likely that he/she feels as though they are being singled out if written company policy is reviewed during the conversation.

At the end of the day, your customer’s experience with your company is paramount. Customers who are taken care of are more likely to be repeat customers and also refer new business.

If sales reps using unethical sales practices are approached promptly and professionally, they should be able to make the necessary corrections to their sale pitch which will increase customer satisfaction without sacrificing production.

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