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The Purpose of the Initial Approach

Get on the path to making more sales!

In door-to-door sales, you’ll state your Initial Approach (IA) more than anything else you do. Thus, your IA needs to be perfect!

As a reminder, the IA is the first 30 – 45 seconds of prospect interaction once they open the door. The most common mistake d2d reps make when stating their IA is to start by asking a question.

Asking questions is a great way to lose control of the conversation, which typically results in the prospect dismissing the rep without them ever knowing exactly why the rep is on their doorstep.

So, don’t ask questions when beginning your IA!

What should d2d reps accomplish in those first 30 – 45 seconds?

  • Should they try to make a new friend? NO!
  • Should they sell the prospect their product or service? NO!
  • Should they tell the prospect all the benefits of their product or service? NO!
  • Should they hope the prospect has thought of purchasing what they are selling? NO!

The purpose of the Initial Approach is to start a conversation.

It’s really that simple!

So, what’s the most effective way to start a conversation in door-to-door sales?

First, a rep needs to justify why they are standing on the prospect’s doorstep.

My 5-step IA is a proven way to get a conversation started:

  1. State who you are.
  2. Tell them why you are there.
  3. Explain what you are offering.
  4. Address any common concerns.
  5. Use a conversational close.

Keep in mind, these steps are interchangeable and don’t necessarily need to be said in this exact order. However, ending the IA with a conversational close makes sense in most cases.

Understanding the purpose of your IA and then perfecting it, will help you have more meaningful conversations with prospects, which will start you on the path to making more sales!

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