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Win-Win Statements

I sincerely appreciate the questions and commentary I regularly receive from my blog posts. Recently, Jon K., a pest control door-to-door salesman asked this:

“One of the hardest objections I overcome is when a customer says. “I don’t have any bugs”.  What are some of your win-win comebacks?”

Regardless of the product or service being sold, one of the most basic ‘win-win’ statements that can be made at first contact is that the potential customer already has what you are offering.

For example, if I begin my initial approach by introducing myself as “Lenny with Rove Pest Control and then proceed to say, “I’m sure you already have a pest control service but I was talking with the Johnson family next door and mentioning how several people have been switching over to Rove because of…” I have effectively established a ‘win-win’ statement by presuming the person already has what I’m selling.

If my assumption is correct, the potential customer cannot easily dismiss me by saying, “We already have a service” even though most people still reply in this regard. When they do, I simply say, “Of course, as I mentioned, most people already have a service in this neighborhood but what they are finding out is…”

Contrarily, if the potential customer responds by saying, “Actually, we don’t have a pest control service” you have effectively set the stage to explain why people in the area do subscribe to a pest control service. You might respond, “That’s perfect, I’m glad I stopped by then. The reason a lot of your neighbors are using our services is because…”

Effectively using ‘win-win’ statements gives you the chance to qualify more potential customers which of course gives you the opportunity to make more sales.

For more on ‘win-win’ statements, review Chapter 8 of Door-to-Door Millionaire: Secrets of Making the Sale

Thanks Jon…good luck!