Training Camp

Training Camp is the perfect venue to prepare you to start knocking doors. Vital components of the sales process are taught including the initial approach, overcoming concerns, how to qualify the customer, effective questioning, closing techniques, making each sale solid, why sales reps fail, utilizing momentum, area management and maximizing the selling day. Training Camp ensures you will be fully prepared to knock doors.


The Playbook is your lifeline for ongoing training. Lenny Gray has written this specifically for the pest control industry. Topics in the Playbook include: customized door-to-door techniques, non-verbal, meta-verbal and verbal communication guidelines, responses to common concerns, effective questioning and closing tactics, how to qualify the customer and solidify the sale, and time and area management strategies.


As a D2D Millionaire sales rep, you will receive customized training of your performance on the doors by the D2D experts. The D2D Millionaire Team analyzes video and audio of your interaction with potential customers and gives feedback for the most critical areas of improvement. You will also have access to Evaluations of other sales reps on the doors to witness their successes and mistakes in order to improve your own sales skills.


This is a game changer for those looking to earn internship credits in the summer! Join the D2D Millionaire Team in the field and put into practice what you’ve learned. Members work directly with the D2D Millionaire Team giving them the opportunity to make the improvements necessary to becoming a successful door-to-door sales rep. Availability is limited so join today and reserve your spot!


Let the D2D Millionaire Team be your guide as questions and concerns arise while interacting with potential customers. D2D Millionaire sales reps are given private access to the D2D Millionaire Team’s answers to trending questions asked by other sales reps and sales managers in the pest control industry. The Coaching service keeps you up-to-date on the most relevant matters.


D2D Millionaire sales reps are given exclusive access to Lenny Gray’s podcast series during the peak door-to-door sales season. Topics will be covered and catered to the specific time of year in order to maximize door-to-door sales opportunities. Lenny’s most effective sales strategies and techniques will be reviewed to ensure sales reps are constantly improving their craft.

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