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Door-to-door salespeople are aggressive, intimidating and liars! Fair or unfair, this seems to be the sentiment of most homeowners according to this CBC report:

CBC Report on Door-to-Door Salespeople

As noted in my book, Door-to-Door Millionaire, “You do not have to be dishonest to be successful in sales.” Unfortunately, the aggressive, intimidating, dishonest actions of some door-to-door sales reps have shaped this stereotype for the entire industry. So I’m calling out all door-to-door salespeople who use these tactics on the doors to STOP!

Stop lying, being aggressive and trying to steamroll customers. These tactics are not necessary to achieving success and they are not preserving the longevity of the profession either.

Towns, parishes, cities, counties and even states are making it more and more difficult for door-to-door salespeople to do their job by passing laws prohibiting knocking doors at certain times of the day or even knocking doors altogether.

It behooves all door-to-door salespeople and business owners employing door-to-door salespeople to adhere to the laws of the locations they are knocking. As required, ensure sales reps are getting background checks and the necessary licenses to knock doors.

The door-to-door sales industry is too lucrative for businesses and sales reps to have it become overregulated or go away entirely because of those who ignore requirements and/or choose to sell dishonestly.

If you engage in these tactics make the necessary adjustments to eliminate them. From personal experience I can attest to the possibility of being honest, obeying regulations and having success on the doors.